17 Best Sites Like Omegle To Chat With Strangers 2023

Omegle is a web-based platform whose main objective is to connect users from different parts of the world to start a conversation. These contacts are made randomly, so you will never know the identity of the person unless they show up on the webcam.

Users of this service can decide if they want to continue the conversation or, on the contrary, they want to contact other users until they find someone with a better relationship.

Why do Omegle users look for other similar platforms to get contacts?

Omegle is one of those sites where most users around the world are looking to make new contacts, have fun and don’t know whether to make a good friendship or something else. The truth is that so much popularity has made the site a bit overloaded.

This means that the amount of users is not properly controlled, so it is possible to find contacts with malicious intentions. There are also people who specialize in sharing files of dubious origin. This massification, among other issues, has led users to look for Omegle-type chats on other platforms with similar characteristics.

There are many types of sites like Omegle, but not all of them give you what you are looking for.

Below, we compile sites that are similar to Omegle and, in many cases, even better. There are many options on the internet, all with different features and even some targeted to a very specific audience. Currently, the best alternative chat platforms are the ones you can see below. In this selection we have also added apps similar to Chat, as well as platforms.

17 Sites Like Omegle to meet people from all over the world


It is one of the most famous platforms and with the largest number of users characterized by not having to register Register to participate.

You can connect through a text chat or through a webcam (also known as a roulette camera) with other randomly selected strangers.

In case one of the users does not convince you, you can refuse to talk to him and move on to the next person.

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In Tinychat you can access different chat rooms where you can talk to up to 12 users at the same time. It also offers the option to create a custom chat room to add only the users you choose.

On the other hand, you can use the option to use private messages to communicate with specific users, you can even save copies of the chats. It’s easy and fast, which is a great advantage over other platforms.

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This platform is available for Android and iOS smartphone and PC users. It has the special feature of promoting user anonymity, which allows you to change your nickname as many times as you want.

One of the nice things about Chatous is that it has an option to search hashtags. This makes it easier to filter searches for contacts based on specific interests. Also, in chats you can send voice notes, images and even YouTube videos.

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Informal conversations on this site are more focused. So much so that the platform does not allow sharing videos or photos.

That is why when you visit this service you will see that it maintains a simple interface reminiscent of the look and feel of the old chat rooms of the old websites. You do not need to register to use the service and you can remain anonymous at any time.

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This platform uses video chat as the main means of communication between users. Therefore, you just need to connect it so that the system randomly assigns you a contact with whom you can start a conversation and whom you can also see.

This service allows you to choose whether you want to be matched with a man or a woman. What is remarkable is the extraordinary speed of service and connection, with a system very similar to sites like Omegle.

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One of the favorite online dating platforms can link to Facebook page.

Can filter user search by gender, location and age
Allow creation of profiles in the style of other dating platforms
Has an option to browse anonymously

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A platform to keep in touch with friends or meet new random users. No need to install any software as the service is direct from their website.

From Faceflow, you can talk to up to four people at a time. It also includes a private messaging service and is completely free.

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Another site very similar to Omegle that stands out from other platforms by including many mini-games that invite users to start chatting with each other.

Remember that the Bazoocam platform itself automatically activates the webcam and microphone. In addition, there is an option for the system to connect to users who are geographically closer.

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If Omegle does not work, Imeetzu offers very similar functions to this platform. In this case, registration is required to use the service that provides text, video and group chat.

However, the great advantage of this platform is that it is compatible with other services so that Imeetzu users can chat with Omegle or Chatroulette users among others.

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In this case, the dating platform aims to meet women quickly and easily, without registration and for free. But there is more

In this case, the dating platform aims to meet women quickly and easily, without registration and for free. But there is more

  • All profiles verified
  • You choose whether you like the girl who appears or not, you can reject the conversation and move on to the next one
  • There is an option to only contact women from the United States.
  • Live chat.

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Another one of the suggested alternatives to Omegle is Chatlive, a service from which you can talk to people from all over the world.

From this platform you can access the profiles of other users and send messages to people who are interested in you. You can start a conversation from a private room or start a video chat.

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A site similar to Omegle, although it does not have as many users as other platforms, but it allows you to choose safer profiles because it does not have as many users. This way users can choose whether they want to talk to men or women and even their nationality.

The use of this platform is free, although there is a premium version: Chatspin plus.

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Meeting people of different nationalities is easy thanks to this website with very attractive features.

  • You can view up to four webcams at the same time.
  • Has countless chat rooms with different themes
  • You can add users you are interested in as friends and open private chats with them.

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In this case it is similar to the game stories, randomly connecting different users. However, this site has a special feature that allows you to upload screenshots from webcams so that other users can view them.

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Chatshock is a site aimed at creating a great social network from the perspective of meeting users face-to-face via your Mac or laptop webcam.

Ome TV

This platform is not to be confused with the official Omegle website. In this case, you can choose the nationality you want the users you can contact to belong to.

One of the particularities of this service is that there is no language barrier as the platform itself has enabled a translation service. In addition, the moderators review the comments.

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One of the oldest chat platforms also has a large community of users in different languages.

The best thing about this site is that it loads videos very fast and consumes few resources. It also allows you to chat anonymously choosing between male or female. It is an Omegle type chat system.

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This site allows you to find users with similar interests, which is an advantage when it comes to improving user search compatibility.

It allows you to use group chat or private chat and the platform is in English.

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What is the preferred alternative to Omegle’s platform?

Although there are many sites like Omegle, not all sites can bring so many people together in one place. If there is an obvious competitor in terms of sites similar to Omegle, it is Chatroulette, which has become the best alternative for many users. The platform is very fast and allows you to chat or meet other users directly through the webcam without prior registration and is 100% free.

It also offers the possibility to send voice and text notes. You decide whether you want to continue or start a conversation. Fast and very efficient. Now that you know all the available options and for us what is the best alternative to omegle, now it’s up to you to choose it and enjoy it.