6 applications to clean and optimize the PC

Maintaining a clean computer, without junk files, and optimized is essential for proper functioning. To achieve this, it is necessary to have an application that deals with it. There are a few in the group, but we have focused on 6, which we consider to have everything necessary to achieve what we want. We refer to them below.


It is an application that offers a wide set of tools designed to keep a Windows computer fully optimized. It not only takes care of cleaning the hard drive by removing everything that is left over, but it is also capable of cleaning the Registry .

In addition to what is indicated, it is also capable of establishing an encryption system in those files that need protection. Organize clusters in order to establish fast charging. Eliminates all traces that remain from the use of the computer. It also defragments the Windows Registry and allows you to make backup copies of it. And more…

Glary Disk Cleaner

It is an application for all types of users since it is very easy to use. To carry out cleaning, it performs a clear and precise scan of the hard drive and the system. Among other actions, it removes junk files and data collected while browsing the Internet.

It is a safe and efficient application. When starting it up, you can activate a personalized cleaning, selecting specific files. After selecting these files, cleaning is done quickly.


It takes care of deleting everything left over from the web browser’s cache, including cookies, as well as Internet history, temporary files, and broken shortcuts.

The entire cleaning process is very easy to set up. In addition to working on Windows, it also works seamlessly on macOS and Linux. It is a free open source application. The elimination of unnecessary files is total, overwriting the free space that remains after deletion.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Its primary purpose is to remove all excess files. After carrying out a scan of the hard drive, it shows everything that can be removed. After attending to all or part of the suggestions, all you have to do is click on the button for elimination.

The deletion of the excess files brings with it an optimization of the system, which we can perceive in the speed gain. In each and every one of the options offered, it shows a complete help system in order to make decisions.

Wise Care 365

With it we will ensure that the operating system is always optimized. It takes care of looking for junk files or invalid entries in the Registry , and proceeding to eliminate the former and correct the latter.

After examining the equipment, it shows a score that is used to find out what needs to be done to achieve a high performance of it. This does not imply that you indicate what you want to correct and what not, the application shows the best suggestions. This is something that any user can do, whatever their level of computer knowledge.


It is an application that, after doing a complete examination of the computer, shows everything that is related to your privacy. From there you can delete what you want not to appear. To achieve this, the application examines the  Windows Registry , the Internet history, the  cookies , and everything that is susceptible to storing data that could be compromising.

It is an application that performs secure cleaning and, in addition to doing it on the main system drive, it can also do it on other drives connected to the computer. Its primary purpose is the protection of privacy, preventing third parties from accessing data that they should not see.