6 Best RPGs Playing Games For Android

If you like team-based video games where everyone completes tasks and works together to achieve goals, you’re in the right place. Here at MrAppsGeek.com we took on the task of finding the best games and compiled a list of the 6 best role playing games for Android.

We can have a lot of fun on our phones, but it’s even better when we extend it to our friends and everyone participates. That’s why Android role playing video games have become so popular and awesome, be sure to give them a try!


Classics never go out of style, so Eternium remains one of the most popular games and continues to improve with user contributions. Become a hunter, mage or warrior and fight for gems. It’s easy, as it is operated by swiping your finger across the screen to move and use weapons or cast spells.

Now, Eternium will grab you as you fight, because it works so amazingly that it makes you feel like you are there. Each level you advance will gain more power and improve your abilities. While you can buy some things from it, the best prizes and gems are obtained by winning battles and leveling up, so everything is optional.

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Iron Blade

Do you like games inspired by medieval times? Iron Blade is just what you were looking for. A battle inspired by medieval Europe where warriors fight to the death in battles that look beautiful, as if you were playing directly on a console instead of on your phone. You must protect the kingdom from the dark forces and fight while acquiring new weapons with which to fight your enemies.

At the same time, thanks to Iron Blade’s controls, you can combine attack moves and weapons to create your own moves, so you can hunt down all the magical monsters that threaten to wipe out the kingdom. Create your own kingdom and find allies to fight with you to protect it, turning it into a fortress as you gain power.

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Vampire’s Fall

This game is for those who dream of becoming vampires, and now at least you can do it virtually. Vampire’s Fall will turn you into a bloody vampire, fighting with a myriad of weapons and devising strategies to help them achieve their goals. It’s time to show who you are, let everyone know your name and be the best fighter. Best of all, most of the games can be played without a WiFi connection.

However, Vampire’s Fall has an open world option where you can explore the most remote locations, where you will find huge treasures, unlock new weapons and abilities, but you will encounter many monsters capable of killing you! Customize the supernatural powers of your bloodline and choose the allies you want to help you get all your powers.

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Hunters League

Another game where your warriors fight against fearsome monsters, Hunter League gives you full control over its players, and you can join forces with your favorite people to become the leader of the best team in the area.

In total, the hunter league warriors have 30 defensive weapons that can be used to win the game between the teams, the one who kills the most enemies and the one who reaches the finish line the fastest is the winner, which is what everyone fears. Characters change as you progress and overcome challenges, so try to reach your goals quickly, as each achievement has its own great reward.

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Looney Tunes – A Crazy World

This time we will dive into the animated world of Looney Tunes – Crazy World where you will have fun in incredible battles where you will develop your own fighting strategy according to your character, participating as a roadrunner with any character.

It’s fun because you can fight against classic enemies, but this time you are in control. Like the eternal fight between Tweety Bird and wild animals. Help the cat catch the canary!

Similarly, in Looney Tunes – A Crazy World, you can pit teams of villains against nobles, and the best side wins. Participate in special games and you’ll get boxes with surprise prizes like extra powers. This is your chance to be part of the Looney Tunes in the best RPG for Android. Who doesn’t want to be the best?

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Rucoy Online

Rounding out the list of the best Android RPGs is Rucoy Online. Like its name, this fun game takes place in a virtual world with multiple characters, do you want to be a mage, a knight or the best archer? Since this app works online, you can connect with your friends and together form a powerful team and kill all the monsters along the way.

Moreover, in Rucoy Online, you can choose to use powerful spells to kill enemies faster. If you get tired of being a mage, you can always switch roles, so why only do one? Use the chat window and connect with allies to design strategies, adding a personal touch to your player so you won’t confuse him with anyone else.

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Be the number one fighter by being a mage, a medieval warrior or a great and dark vampire. If you like this kind of games and you like to compete online with your friends, then in MrAppsGeek.com we invite you to try one of the best RPG for Android.

Chances are that in the end you will give up downloading one, as the catalog of games available in app stores and on the web is expanding every day, so we have decided to narrow down this list to 6 that you will not regret. difficult.