6 Best Running Games For Android

The list of games that are added to the Android app store is getting longer and longer, there is something for everyone, but if you are one of those who love running and can’t find the game that catches you, today we bring you the top 6 Best Running Games For Android.

If you like challenges and passing from one level to another while earning points, you should download one of these Android running games that you can use to spend your free time and even compete with your friends, take a look.

Subway Surfers

First, we will show you a classic Google Play game, as it has been downloaded by millions of users for some time. We are talking about Subway Surfers, a group of graffiti artists who run along the train tracks and escape from the guards. The general meaning of the game is to avoid getting caught by the guards through the walls while avoiding obstacles such as trains.

Likewise, Subway Surfers gives you prizes to win on the track, such as a jetpack that propels you through the air and keeps you away from the guards, or a board that lets you surf on top of trains while collecting coins. Try to play as any character and get as many coins as you can before you crash into the train or obstacles.

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Crash Bandicoot

This time on a mission to save the multiverse from the evil Dr. Neo Cortex and his minions. Crash Bandicoot will be a game that will keep your attention on your phone, help Crash and Coco to overcome obstacles and pass each level. The place where the game takes place is crazy, with islands and roads full of obstacles, even snow, so you will never get angry.

Meanwhile, in Crash Bandicoot, you not only have to run for your life, but you can do it in fashion by choosing the outfit of the runner to your liking, giving it a personal touch, but beware, do not combine them with fake Crash. and cocoa! Compete with other friends online to take your name to the top of each race, perfect your technique and unlock new lands with the best scores.

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Run Forrest Run!

In third place is a classically inspired game called Run Forrest Run! It was inspired by the Forrest Gump movie. Just like in the movie, the character runs, but this time to overcome obstacles and earn points. The main idea of the game is to avoid being run over by cars, trucks and other obstacles and collect coins to get more points.

Also, in Run Forrest Run, you can travel through the jungles of Vietnam, looting prizes to unlock new scenarios and other characters, but what do you think you will find in that mysterious place? Explore ways to run infinitely. With this game you can play offline or challenge your friends online via Facebook and Google Play – prove you’re the best!

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Minion Rush

This time the game is neither too much nor too little, it’s all minions, who wouldn’t enjoy it? This is Minion Rush, with an environment inspired by the movies I’ve been involved in as my favorite villain, and in it you’ll find endless races. As in the previous games, you will have to overcome obstacles, and it is perfect for the little ones, since its simple controls and colorful colors will attract their attention.

Minion Rush, on the other hand, is not only based on racing cars, you can combine their outfits and find better ones along the way. With these racing games for Android, you should focus on completing tasks and getting the highest score, but most of all, have fun! If you discover secret locations in each mission, you will win many prizes that will help you compete in other races, test your skills and discover each location.

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Cat Parkour

This time the protagonists will be the furry friends. Cat parkour is a kitty race, find gold coins, overcome obstacles with parkour techniques, the purpose of the gold coins is to buy accessories that help to overcome the level. Another interesting thing about this game is that although the main character is a cat, you can also run with pandas, rabbits and foxes, each of which is very special.

Now Cat Run is for little kids because it is one of the Android running games with the simplest interface, easy to learn and if you lose a level it’s okay because you can start over. You can choose the mode you want, between parkour or sprint depending on who is playing.

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Marathon Race Simulator 3D

We finish this top with the racing simulator Marathon Race Simulator 3D. This Android running game is based on completing races of 100 ma 1500 m, and the race is very easy because you can maneuver your player on the screen and help him overcome obstacles. Compete in a 3D simulator marathon with the best runners in the world and choose a track in a country of your choice.

Meanwhile, in Marathon Race Simulator 3D, you must avoid obstacles and prevent your participants from getting hurt, as this will deduct points and slow you down in the race. It feels like running a real marathon. You can train your players in the city marathon, which helps you get in shape and makes the race easier for you.

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Run through the toughest tracks, escape from guards on surfboards, collect coins and more. Discover these amazing virtual games and compete with your friends online, download one of the 6 best running games for Android.

What better way to spend a lazy afternoon? Show your kids how much fun it is to run these smart apps and take control of their schedules under your supervision. At MrAppsGeek.com we hope you find the game you are looking for here.