6 Best War Games For Android Devices

Since the days when there was only Nintendo, the popularity of war games has been undeniably high. Now that we can use our phones as portable consoles, we want to show you the best war games for Android devices.

As there are so many excellent war games for android here at mrappsgeek.com we worked to narrow it down to 6 best games to make your selection easier.

Code of War

In Code of War, you can participate in a virtual war where you can fight with your friends in the online mode, which makes the game even more fun and gets your adrenaline pumping to see who is the best.

The purpose of these games is to complete each daily objective, which you can do alone or with your friends.

Best of all, Code of War features a wide variety of weapons, so you can win the war with the most powerful weapon, if you are also a classic. Incredible and unique as the different fight scenes where you have to test your endurance because there is no rest.

Finally, the game has simple and intuitive controls, making it easy to understand for novice players. Strategize with your teammates using the chat window.

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Infinity Ops

If you like to imagine what the future of a war would be like, with Infinity Ops, you will learn how the creators imagined it, where humans pushed the limits of technology and created weapons and battles outside of Earth.

It is full of fiction, equipped with laser and plasma weapons and low gravity, allowing players to jump as if they had superpowers.

In addition, Infinity Ops also has the option of creating your own clan or gang to fight against enemies. Take advantage of the impressive 3D maps that give you control of the battlefield and enjoy its fantastic graphics.

You can fight alone or form two teams, the best one will control the area. Use all the tools at your disposal to be the best.

Finally, the game has simple and intuitive controls, making it easy to understand for novice players. Strategize with your teammates using the chat window.

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Call of Duty

Undoubtedly one of the most played classics in Play Store, originally for computers and consoles, but now you can play on phones and tablets, is Call of Duty. In this version, you can play multiplayer or play against everyone.

The high-definition visual experience of 100 people competing on the same field, just as you can quickly form a team to compete online.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty has voice chat so you can’t take your eyes off the battlefield as you type, so your friends know where to move and who to kill. As you progress, you’ll unlock new weapons, outfits, points and more.

This game is fully functional and is best played on phones with good memory and HD compatible screens to enjoy it fully and for free.

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Shadowgun Legends

This time the war is against the alien invasion. In Shadowgun Legends you become one of the infinite number of soldiers fighting to save the planet from the aforementioned invasion in a futuristic environment compatible with multiplayer.

The game is set on four different planets and you must complete more than 200 missions to achieve the final victory.

Shadowgun Legends also features the ability to customize your outfit, including special shields and defenses to protect you from the more than 600 available plasma-firing weapons. Teams of three, online battles in real time.

You can make a name for yourself and be rewarded for your mission recognition, so every step you take in this epic battle ahead counts.

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War Dogs

For those who love airplanes and airspace, we have War Dogs. In this case, the game takes place in the scenario of World War II, but this time you will fight from the air and you will have 24 fighter planes to play with.

Just like the war at that time, the fight was fought between the main powers of the time, Japan, Russia, the United States, Germany and Great Britain.

War Dogs, on the other hand, has the same single-player and multiplayer features as the previous games. Its controls are simple, so you will be able to master the movements and maneuvers necessary to attack or defend yourself, bombing headquarters and enemy ships.

Fight in large and difficult scenarios, strategically choose your battle companions and the equipment they will use to defeat the enemy front line.

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Pacific Warships

We finish our top 6 best war games for Android devices with a naval battle. Pacific Battleship is different from the previous battleships, this time the battle is at sea and your weapon will be the best warship in the fleet.

Create your own port with the best ships and fight against enemy fleets on the seven seas in multiplayer warfare.

Pacific Warships now takes place in an updated environment with the best weapons, precise aiming and you can upgrade your ship by adding weapons like cannons, missiles and fortified decks to resist any attack.

Assemble the best team and achieve your objectives, destroy and sink enemy ships to earn points and complete missions. Take advantage of its simple and intuitive controls, perfect for beginners.

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Relive the best of wars, fly planes, fight aliens and win wars at sea. All this is possible, you just need your phone, WiFi and one of the best war games for Android devices we have left in this article.
If you don’t know what game to try, here at mrappsgeek.com we go from classic battles to the best futuristic wars. Shoot plasma and laser beams to instantly kill your enemies while connecting with your friends online. what are you waiting for?