6 platforms to create a website

Not only at a professional level but also as private users, having a website is the order of the day. There are several platforms for the creation, management and maintenance of a website. Almost all, if not all, are valid for all types of users. You just have to cheer up and start.

Below we make a proposal in which we indicate 6 platforms for what we indicate, to create a website. Most offer a free version, with notable features, and other paid ones. To start in the one that is selected, it is best to do it using the free version. Below we show the proposed platforms.


It is the most popular platform, the most used at the moment on the Internet. The CMS you use offers a large number of features, with a multitude of themes, free and paid, and the same goes for plugins. The ideal is to hire a server and a domain in order to host the web that is created.

There is also the possibility of using the free version of the content manager, in which it is not necessary to have a server or a domain. You just have to access WordPress.com and start creating the site after signing up for the service. This system presents some limitations with respect to the one we propose in the previous paragraph.


It offers everything you need to create and manage a web page for free, without having to have previous knowledge of design and management. Wix has been around for several years. Its managers tell us the following: « Wix combines beauty with the most advanced technology to create your incredible website. It’s easy and free .”

The system used is very intuitive. With it you get very attractive websites, having a large number of themes and extensions to give them a special touch. Articles and pages are created in a user-friendly editor.


It is a complete service that allows you to do everything you want and need for free. A simple website can be created without having design knowledge. In addition to the free account, there are other paid ones with more benefits.

The creation process is not difficult at all. The HTML code, which is used in web pages, is generated immediately, after resorting to the typical drag and drop. You don’t have to worry about programming, about using complicated instructions.

Website X5

It offers a remarkable number of templates adapted to the needs of each one. They are valid for all kinds of projects. It also supports changing the header and footer. As with all website creation systems, it supports the creation of sites valid for computers and mobile devices.

Several packages are offered, one free and the rest paid. It is best to start using the one that does not have any cost and, later, if necessary, opt for a paid package. All of them are very easy to use. They include the option of drag and drop to achieve the desired design.


It allows you to create a web space for free, both personal and business, with no limit to the number of pages. There is also the possibility of resorting to more features, using a series of scripts for customizing any site.


It serves, like the previous spaces, to show your concerns and knowledge, or to promote your business. You can use this service for free. You will have a large number of tools. You don’t need any knowledge to get started.

Creating any site is very easy. A large number of templates are offered, so you will always find the one that best suits the needs of each one. It also supports the activation of a domain name.