8 Best Games You Can Play Without the Internet

Entertaining yourself with video games on your smart device is one way to end boredom. Therefore, some options require a connection, which limits playability. So, we are here to take advantage of some of the best games you can play without Internet.

These proposals cover different topics. But the most important point is that you can use them even when you are connected to the network. Here you will find from options to develop skills and apply strategies to overcome levels. Eliminate the competition with shooters and more. Give it a try!

Miniplay – Play fun and casual

On the web you can find simple options that still provide great entertainment. An obvious example is the free mini-games. A tool that combines multiple forms of entertainment.

It has a search tool. From there, you can synthesize the options into those that might be of interest to you. Game styles and themes vary, so play them all. Most are levels to complete, and they get harder as you go along.

Again, Free Trivia offers a total of 9 options for you to choose from. The graphics are simple, but still offers a smooth experience that does a good job of entertaining you. Find suggestions for zombie killing, racing, simple adventures, airplane wars and more.

The controls are well placed. Since this is a simple approach, here you have the opportunity to enjoy fast and responsive keys. They won’t get stuck during execution because it doesn’t take up memory.

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Fire And Water

Another easy option that you can enjoy is Fire and Water. This is a strategy game that is played in turns. Here you have to help these items reach each level and earn diamonds.

It provides simple controls. This is a plus point as they are well positioned and respond effectively to simple touches. It helps to get full diamonds for each item to earn your stars, they represent the highest rating. The levels will become more difficult as you progress.

In addition, Fire and Water allows you to restart the level if you are not satisfied with the result. You can complete them as many times as you want, which improves your scores and learn skills as you practice. Some traps will make you lose, remember not to try exhaustively.

There are more than 30 levels. Your duty is to complete them at the highest level, which will guarantee you to unlock the next levels. This is the part of the games that you can play without internet.

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Angry Birds Friends

Do you want to help the birds destroy the evil empire of the pig? If so, don’t hesitate to download Angry Birds Friends. This is a strategy game in which you have to destroy pig towers.

You can use characters from movies. Each one has a special power that you can activate by touching the screen once activated. There is a slingshot to launch them, remember to draw the trajectory and do as much damage as possible. There are tricky levels where you can use help.

In fact, the collection of Angry Birds Friends levels is growing every week. They are designed to make you think about your strategy and take down the evil pig empire. Earn stars by doing a lot of damage and killing all the creds. It’s an addictive proposition.

You can play online if you want. In this feature, you can challenge other players to see how good they are at destroying pig houses. What are you waiting to download?

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8 Ball Billiards Offline Pool

You may be a fan of the villains and want to practice your skills with an alternative game. For this we recommend 8 Ball Billiards Offline Pool. It is very simple and you will always have a good opponent to beat.

Play against intelligent robots. They are good players and you can learn moves with them if you can beat them by applying them. Here you can choose from three features that represent each level, which are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Remember, every good move will earn you experience.

Even Billiards Pool 8 Ball can keep you leveling up. There is a ranking of the best players in the game. As long as you learn excellent playing styles, you can beat everyone and change your position. It has zoom tools in case you need it to shoot here.

Calculate your shots. This is an alternative feature that will help you see how good your moves are, so test yourself with these games that you can play without internet, give it a try.

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Ninja Dash Run – Offline Games

There are some recent games that promise great fun and work even without an Internet connection. It’s like a ninja race. This is an action game that helps the character to get rewards.

Choose your favorite one. There are 7 ninja warriors in total, each with special abilities to identify them. Help them defeat monsters and demons that are difficult to defeat in advanced stages. Therefore, you must upgrade your weapons to cause maximum damage.

In addition, the controls are well positioned in Ninja Dash Run. They provide comfort to overcome the levels you may encounter. There are 8 different scenarios and they can be repeated, but your opponents are always upgraded. Secondary attacks can be used if desired.

There is a guide bar. In it you can find the directions for each level, become a master of martial arts and play ninja. Buy items with real money in the online store.

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Mobile Legends Car Racing Game

The adrenaline rush that comes with speed is appealing to car game lovers. For this, Car Racing Game are available. Break records, beat games.

It offers a range of cars. As you win races and races, you will unlock new cars that you can add directly to your collection. Customize them and add power to dazzle them on the available tracks. It’s a simple suggestion, but one that can become addictive.

In addition, Car Racing Games allows you to connect with other players. This comes from the multiplayer feature, which lets you add the IDs of other players to compete and decide who is the fastest. Drive freely, and this will be your first interaction on the boulevard with alternative vehicles to avoid.

Provides 3D visualization. It’s a bonus that complements your gaming experience, and the cars look very realistic, making it one of the popular choices for games you can play without the Internet.

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Commando Gun Shooting Games 3D

Maybe gun games can identify you. Therefore, we mention the following options. This is Gun Games, a special proposal with advanced 3D visualization.

Play with robots. Here you have to defeat other users who are controlled by the game and increase your score while eliminating opponents. Create and arm yourself with excellent military-grade weapons, and you can increase the power of your ammunition if you want to cause more damage.

Gun Games, on the other hand, allows you to connect online. This way you can create your own team to fight against other players. There is a scoreboard bar that shows how many kills each individual has and summarizes them by group. See who wins here.

Play the mission mode. Here you are in an adventure theme where you have to rescue and kill enemies to save your life. Follow these steps and claim your rewards in this great game.

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Colorfy: Coloring Book Games

For many people, drawing is a way to relieve stress and at the same time play with color. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’re here to introduce Colorfy. This is a drawing game that allows you to entertain yourself while drawing.

It has a set of drawings to color. It has a library of black and white proposals. Select an image to open it on the canvas and start painting. You can be guided by numbers, which is a way to put colors together to know which shade corresponds to which part.

So Colorfy is popular, but also because it allows you to paint however you want. This feature is great for letting your imagination run wild and choosing the type of brush and color that suits you best. The sharing feature in these games says that you can play without internet.

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Have fun with simple gameplay, complete quests, break speed records, fight monsters and more with games that can be played offline. Entertainment can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools, so we’ve put together these options for your smart devices. We want you to get the most out of them.