960130423 Who Is And Why SHOULD NOT Take Him?

Has the number 960130423 called you at night repeatedly and you wonder who it is and why it is calling you? In the MrAppsGeek we will tell you who it is and why you should not pick up the phone when he calls you .

Where does the number 960130423 call me from?

Any number that begins with the prefix 960 belongs to the Valencian community , so they are calling you from Valencia.

Who Calls Me From 960130423?

Many users who have been called by this enum complain about the following:

  • Having several missed calls.
  • They pick up the phone but no one answers.
  • I call 960130423 and no one answers.
  • They call at hours outside business hours like 10:45 p.m. (at that time they called me).

Compiling information on the Internet about the very bad experiences that other users have had with the phone 960130423, we can affirm that:

  • The phone number 960130423 belongs to a spam phone scam.
  • Some users indicate that they are called from the Ministry of Energy asking for personal information for a discount on the electricity bill, which is a scam.
  • Another variant reported by other users indicates that a commercial from a telephone company calls you trying to scam you with your bill. First they tell you that they are going to raise your bill and then another commercial from another company calls you offering you a counter offer to change your operator .

What do I do if they don’t stop calling me from the number 960130423?

Whenever an unknown number calls you, the first thing you should do is NEVER PICK UP the phone as no one will answer and you are giving scammers very important information… the time you are usually at home to answer calls. This information is valuable since days later an alleged commercial will try to call you to try to scam you.

Ok, you know that you shouldn’t pick up the phone, now what you have to do is write the phone number 960130423 in Google and you will see the negative reports that the search engine returns:

You just have to enter one of these searches to see the number of negative reports of 960130423 by users:

How to Avoid This Number ?

To avoid telephone scams of the number 960130423 there are a series of guidelines that you must follow:

  1. As we have said before, when an unknown number calls you, you must write it in Google to see if it is reliable or not .
  2. Sign up for the Robinson Lists to avoid spam calls.
  3. In this tutorial you will be able to know which phone number is calling us .

How to block the number 960130423 forever

We can put the number 960130423 on a blacklist without programming from the same phone app. To do this, we just have to press and hold the Spam number in the call history and a pop-up menu will appear and we click on “Block” (I give you an example as it is done with any telephone number).

Block This Phone Number ?

We will click on “Accept” and in this way we will block all calls from the number 960130423 .

And that’s it, number 960130423 won’t bother you anymore . If you have evidence that other friends or relatives are receiving calls from this phone, do not hesitate to share this article in this way you can help them… Thank you very much!