*#9900# What It Is For In Android

Android mobiles and in particular the
Samsung brand are characterized by having many secret codes . We already talked about the code *#*#4636#*#* that allowed you to access several interesting parameters of your terminal. Today we are going to talk about the secret code *#9900# Android , which is available for Korean Samsung brand mobiles with which you will have access to many actions, menus and settings.

*#9900# What It Is For In Android

With the code *#9900# Android we can enter the “Dump Mode” of the Android ecosystem. Basically this code is used when your smartphone has storage problems as it allows you to free up space on Android .

What is it for ?

For example when you can’t send WhatsApp videos or send photos due to full memory problems . This code will allow us to easily free up space on Android .

How to put *#9900# on a samsung

To access the “Dump Mode” in Samsung we must enter the code *#9900# following these steps:

  1. We go to the “Dial” (calls) and write the code “ *#9900#” (without quotes).
  2. We look for the section that says “Delete Dumpstate/Logcat” .
  3. In this way we delete the Logcat file that weighs from 50 Mb to 1 Gb freeing up a lot of space on our smartphone .
  4. Once we finish, we only have to press exit to return to the desktop of our phone.

On which mobiles can the code *#9900# be used?

The code *#9900# can be entered on the following Samsung terminals .

  • Samsung galaxy s9.
  • Samsung galaxy a6.
  • Samsung galaxy a7.
  • Samsung galaxy s8.
  • Samsung galaxy s7.
  • Samsung galaxy s10.
  • Samsung galaxy j4 plus.
  • Samsung galaxy a5.
  • Samsung galaxy a6 2018.
  • Samsung galaxy core prime.
  • Samsung galaxy core.
  • Samsung galaxy core 2.
  • Samsung galaxy core plus.
  • Samsung galaxy duos.
  • Samsung galaxy d9.
  • Samsung galaxy d8.
  • Samsung g galaxy s9.
  • Samsung g galaxy s7.
  • Samsung g galaxy s5.
  • Samsung g galaxy s4.

If you have another Samsung that is not on the list and the code *#9900# works for you , leave me a comment exposing the model. If this article has been useful to you, do not hesitate to share it with your social networks , please, that helps me a lot. Thank you!