ACTIVATE DARK MODE Of Instagram On Android

Dark mode is in fashion and more and more applications are adapting it at the same request from users. In fact, it is one of the most requested options on Instagram but unfortunately it has not yet been implemented natively on this social network. But don’t worry, from MrAppsGeek we are going to teach you how to activate Instagram’s dark mode on Android so that you can enjoy this function easily and quickly .

What Is The Dark Mode Of Instagram And What Is It For?

It is a function that allows you to exchange the lighter colors of the interface of this social network for darker ones, it is used to avoid eye fatigue and save battery life since the black pixels use less energy than the white ones.

I need dark mode on instagram

Ok, you may need to activate the night mode of Instagram because when night comes you have tired eyes, the only problem is that as of today, there is no dark mode on this social network , however I am going to show you how to enable it easily and fast .

How to put Instagram in dark mode on Android

This method will be used to activate the dark mode of Instagram on any Android (or almost), since we must meet one of these 2 requirements.


  • Have a Xiaomi device with MIUI 10 or higher.
  • Have Android 10.

As we have said , Instagram does not yet have a night mode , however it is possible to activate this mode if you meet one of these 2 requirements, as we will see below.

Switch To Dark Mode Of Instagram On Android

In the case of having MIUI 10 or 11 we can activate this mode from “Settings” , once inside we must enter “Screen” .

Once inside “Screen” we must look for the section called “Dark Mode” and enter inside.

This is where we must enable the tab to activate Instagram with dark mode .

The only drawback is that the entire interface of our Smartphone will remain in night mode, but Instagram will too.

Instagram Dark Mode on Android 10

Do you have Android 10 ? Then activate this mode from the following path:

  • Settings>Display and brightness>Dark mode.

To deactivate this mode, you just have to disable the dark mode tab whether you use MIUI 10-11 or Android 10.

This post will continue to be updated with new ways to go dark on Instagram on Android , so I recommend that you visit it from time to time. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, please, that would help me a lot to continue making more articles like this… thank you very much!