ACTIVATE Windows 10 Easy and Fast

Activating Windows 10 is one of the first things that we must do when installing this operating system , since if it is not installed correctly we could be unable to use it after the trial period. Don’t worry, today in MrAppsGeek we will see the steps to activate Windows 10 step by step .

How to Activate Windows 10 Forever From the Installation of the Operating System

Once we have started the download of Windows 10 and its subsequent update, we must have a key to activate Windows 10 .

How to get a Windows 10 activation key?

Below we leave you 2 download links to buy the key to activate Windows 10 .

How to Activate Windows 10 Forever

Once we have the key to activate Windows 10 , we just have to paste it into the installation box of the corresponding operating system.

Activate Windows 10 When It’s Expired

If the following message appears Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Windows 10 it is possible to change the product key again . To do this we must use the following keyboard shortcut by pressing the following combination of buttons:

  • Windows + I.

In this way, the “Windows Settings” will open and we must enter “Update and Security” .

Once inside we will click on “Activation” and then we will click on “Change the product key” .

Activate Windows 10 Easy and Fast

This is where we must include the 25-digit key to activate Windows 10 and click on “Next” .

From MrAppsGeek we do not recommend keys to activate pirated Windows 10 since they can be a door to open vulnerabilities to the system since these tools usually hide viruses and malicious programs such as ransomware .

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