Adjust WhatsApp Profile Image SIZE

How many of you have happened to take a picture for your WhatsApp profile only to later realize that it doesn’t fit in your profile ? Well, don’t worry, you just have to follow this tutorial to learn how to adjust the image size easy and fast WhatsApp profile .

The photos do not fit in the WhatsApp profile

Yes, this is undoubtedly something very frustrating and even more so when you have taken a photo in which you look particularly good and you want to show off. Do not worry because now we will see what size the WhatsApp image is , so we can adjust it to our profile quickly and easily .

How big should a WhatsApp profile picture be?

The size in pixels for the WhatsApp profile image is specifically 400 x 400 .

Adjust WhatsApp Profile Image Size

We can easily do this manually from the PC with Paint for example or if you prefer you can use an app to change the image size for WhatsApp like the one we will see below.

Change WhatsApp Profile Picture Size With Adobe Photoshop Express

We already know that the maximum size of the profile image in WhatsApp is 400 x 400 , now we only have to adjust the image to these measurements with Adobe Photoshop Express .

Download Adobe Photoshop Express Free

We can download Adobe Photoshop express for free directly from the following link .

Change WhatsApp Profile Image Size Step By Step

Now what we must do is open the Adobe Photoshop Express photo gallery and select the image that we want to resize to 400 x 400 .

Then we will click on the “Resize” icon , as in the photo.

We will run the “Proportion” to the left until we see “Custom” .

We deactivate the icon in the middle (this causes the height to change automatically when changing the width ), thanks to this we can give it the same height and width (400 x 400).

Now we adjust the size of the image to 400 x 400 , as in the photo and click on “Apply” .

This is the perfect size for our WhatsApp profile image .

We already know how to adjust the size of the WhatsApp profile image , now we just have to enter the following route:

  • WhatsApp>Settings>Profile.

And replace the photo with the 400 x 400 image that we just made.

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