AnyDesk, remote desktop software, is updated

It is a software that takes care of showing all its users the desktop of another computer on the one you are using. We are referring to AnyDesk , a complete remote desktop software.

The application is considered the fastest on the market and has currently exceeded 100 million downloads worldwide. It is a program that offers high performance and great functionalities.

With this tool, anyone will be able to have their computer, with all the documents, images, videos and so on, anywhere they want and at any time. It is ideal for all those who at specific times, or on a regular basis, have to have some of the files, which they have on their work computer, on the computer they use at home, or vice versa.

Some features of AnyDesk

There are many people who prefer to have a program like this than a cloud service. They don’t want to risk that outsiders can access what they shouldn’t or lose their data if the service stops working, as has already happened with some.

AnyDesk offers secure and fast connections. The transfer from the parent computer, the one that stores the contents, to the child computer, the one that receives them, is very fast, due to the video codec used for screen transfer. And the speed does not go alone, it is accompanied by a high image quality.

Reliable and work in the background

AnyDesk is offered as highly reliable software, which pursues productivity to a high degree. It works in the background, without interfering with the usual actions of computer users. It is also prepared to be used by anyone, since its use does not have any complications.

Download the latest version

If you click on the Free Download button on the program’s website, you will access the download page. You will see all the types of computers and mobile devices the app works on. You just have to select the version you want and click on Download it now . The app runs smoothly on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Free BSD, and Raspberry Pi.


Among the features offered by AnyDesk, the following stand out:

  • You can collaborate with your colleagues and communicate with ease, both in online meetings and presentations or when working on the same document from the other part of the world.
  • Just copy and paste into the transfer tab to transfer files between different computers.
  • No installation or administrative privileges are required. You simply have to download the 3MB file and that’s it! Do you need unguarded access to your computer when you are on the road? Very good, you will simply have to install and configure a password.
  • You can customize the AnyDesk user interface to give your customers a branded remote desktop experience.
  • Both users and IT professionals accessing the computer can record each session. This will add an extra level of security, also for training purposes.
  • Nothing happens if you are not in the cloud. Setting up your own business network is easy, should you need complete control of your data. The encrypted data will never leave your DMZ.


To get the application in any of its versions, go to AnyDesk . Private users can use AnyDesk for free and professional users (regular private users and companies) have flexible rates starting at 9 euros per month, for a single device, with AnyDesk Lite . There are other paid versions with more features.