AOMEI Image Deploy, to clone computer equipment

The backup copies of our computer is something that we must carry out frequently in order to avoid unpleasantness. At any time a failure can occur and then come the regrets because we have lost all the stored data.

Therefore, so that the loss is not consumed, it is convenient to have an application that allows us to safeguard that information. But not only that is necessary, sometimes we also need to clone the operating system installed on one computer to another, or install the operating system, applications and so on on several computers at the same time.

What does AOMEI Image Deploy offer ?

AOMEI Image Deploy is an application that takes care of easily performing a system image on multiple computers at the same time. With this we will avoid having to restore a copy of the system on several computers, one by one.

Suppose we have to install the operating system on all the computers in the computer room of an educational center or in the different departments of a company, and not only that, we also want to install the same applications, drivers, and other elements.

For this we would have to go team by team making the pertinent installations from different CDs or DVDs. With AOMEI Image Deploy we avoid that heavy work.

AOMEI Image Deploy is free software capable of creating and installing system images and other components on multiple computers, using a computer network, a LAN. Through it, cloning is carried out on all connected computers. In addition to spending not much time on a job that could take several hours, we will do it easily and intuitively. We will be able to do it on hundreds of PCs and servers simultaneously.


Among the features that adorn AOMEI Image Deploy, the following stand out:

  • Real-time process monitor : All the clone or restore process is displayed in the administration panel of the application.
  • Free software : There is a free version of the program with certain limitations. To enjoy all the options you have to resort to a paid version.
  • Very easy to use : The built-in wizard helps in the restoration and cloning work. The whole process is carried out step by step, without complications.
  • Presetting of name and IP clients : Before starting the process, all the computers in which it is going to be carried out are set. It will also be shown when the installation has finished on a computer or server.
  • Support of different types of hardware : Even if the computers with which you work do not have the same hardware, there will be no problems, the application takes care of carrying out the processes cleanly.


To get this application you have to access AOMEI Image Deploy . After clicking on the Download Freeware button , the download will proceed. It runs smoothly on all versions of Windows.

In addition to the free version of the application, there is a paid version, AOMEI Image Deploy Technician, with more features.