AppCleaner, tool to uninstall applications in macOS

Although to uninstall any application on a Mac computer you only have to remove it from the corresponding folder, dragging it to the trash can, there can always be traces of it in other areas of the system.

In macOS there is no  Registry , as there is in Windows, in which references are collected that, in most cases, are not deleted when uninstalling a program. Only some configuration files attached to the application are stored.

The normal thing is that everything is immersed in a package that is shown in the  Finder , within  Applications and under the name of the program. Despite this, if we want there to be no residue, it is best to resort to AppCleaner .

The program takes care of leaving no trace, of completely uninstalling any application without leaving small portions of it (the files indicated in the previous paragraph). It does it easily and simply.

There is also the possibility of using CleanMyMac X , which among the many options it offers is one specifically designed to remove any application with all the files that accompany it.

What does AppCleaner offer?

With AppCleaner you will free up space on your hard drive, which is occupied without meaning. The program takes care of looking for everything that is linked to the application that we uninstalled and eliminates it.

To do this, you just have to drag the application you want to remove or uninstall to the AppCleaner window and the tool will take care of everything, leaving no trace, after clicking on the uninstall button. The application will take care of searching and deleting everything that is no longer necessary.

To do this you have to go to Applications , in Finder , and run AppCleaner . Next, locate the application to uninstall, inside the Applications folder , and drag it to the AppCleaner panel . Before clicking on the Delete button , it is convenient to mark everything that appears within the panel in order to eliminate everything.

The makers of the app tell us clearly: “ Just drop an app on the AppCleaner window . You will find the related files and you can delete them by clicking the Delete button .

To consider

AppCleaner allows you to keep a record of your favorite applications in order to prevent them from being accidentally deleted. It also keeps a history of all uninstalls. It is a free application that works on all versions of Mac.


To get this application you have to access AppCleaner . Four versions of it are currently active, depending on the version (sorry for the redundancy) of macOS installed on the computer. After downloading the ZIP, you just have to unzip it and move the file (program) obtained to the Applications folder.