Application NOT INSTALLED on Android Solution?

Are you trying to install an APK on your device and you are receiving the following error message: “Application not Installed” and you want to know how to fix it on Android ? Next in MrAppsGeek we will explain why this error appears and how to solve it.

Why Do I Get The Error Application Not Installed On Android?

The causes of this error can be very diverse, which can be the following:

  • There is no space to install the app.
  • The APK file is corrupted .
  • You have an outdated Android version .
  • You are trying to over-install a version of an app you already have.
  • You do not have the option to install applications from unknown sources activated .
  • You have Google Play Play Protect antivirus activated .

These are the causes that can give the following types of error messages:

  • Application not installed APK.
  • Application not installed it seems that the package is corrupted.
  • Error opening APK file.
  • Android package installer not working.
  • This app is not compatible with your device.

How to Fix “Application Not Installed on Android” Error Quick and Easy

We already know the causes and the different types of messages in which this error is manifested, below we will explain how to solve it. We recommend you go using a method and check if it works, if not go to the next.

Reboot Device

Yes, it may sound like a very simple solution, but the vast majority of problems of this type are solved with a simple restart of the terminal . You lose nothing by trying and it will only take 1 minute.

Allow Android to Install Unknown Apps

This is the first thing we should do since the application not installed error message usually appears when we try to install an app that is not available in the official Play Store. To install unknown applications on Android you can follow the steps in this tutorial.

Turn off Play Protect on Google Play

Play Protect is an antivirus for Android incorporated into the Play Store that allows us to keep our device safe from malicious software . This protection system will alert us if we have an app that threatens the security of our mobile device . That is why on many occasions when trying to install a new APK it throws us a false positive giving the error message “Application not installed” .

Disable Play Protect

To remove this message we must disable Play Protect , for this we must enter “Settings” of our phone and click on “Security Status” .

Now we enter Google Play Protect .

We give the “Settings” symbol .

We deactivate the “Scan applications with Play Protect” tab .

If this did not fix the “application not installed” error , move on to the next method.

Eject SD Card

There is another simple method to solve this error, for this we must go to the “Settings” of our phone to the “Storage” and “Disconnect the SD card” section and try to reinstall the APK that gives us an installation error.

Do you still get the message that the application is not installed on Android ? , go to the next method.

Reset Application Preferences

Try to reset the preferences of the apps on our device. To do this, we must enter “Settings” and then “Applications” .

We look at the 3 vertical points on the top right and press them.

Click on “Reset Application Preferences” .

This will delete the configuration of our applications , so when we re-enter our apps we will have to configure them again, so do it with caution. If we are sure we will click on “Reset” .

Factory Restore Device

This method seems excessive to me, but if you need to install an APK and the Android application not installed message always appears and the previous methods have not worked for you, you can always restore the mobile to the factory . Don’t forget to make a full Android backup as you will lose all your data.

Have you solved this error when trying to install an APK on your Android ? You can leave me a comment with your impressions. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, please, that would help me a lot to continue developing more content like this… Thank you very much!