Back up and sync files and folders in Windows

The cloud, with services such as Dropbox or the popular Google Drive , not to mention many others, allows us to make backup copies, store accessible files and with synchronization capabilities from desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

But this is not an obstacle for us to use a desktop application like PureSync , capable of making a backup and synchronization of the files that we want, within a physical storage unit.

The program offers us an assistant to configure copying and synchronization step by step, as well as to establish advanced configuration options, file exclusion, or conflict management, among other options.

What does PureSync offer?

The possibility of making backup copies manually or automatically is offered. The process to follow to synchronize the files can also be done automatically or manually.

In the first case, you only have to set a few parameters so that PureSync takes care of everything. Thus, synchronization can be activated when, for example, a disc is inserted into a USB connector or when a certain folder is opened.

PureSync is a free application, for personal use, that works on the latest versions of Windows. There is also a professional version, with more features, which includes, among other functions, support for FTP.


Among the functions that  PureSync offers are the following:

  • Synchronize files and folders. It is possible to use the FTP protocol, in the professional version, to carry out said synchronization.
  • Supports file and folder backups with all their content.
  • Transfer files from one computer to another.
  • Copy new photos taken with a digital camera directly to your computer.
  • Supports automatic synchronization and backups.
  • It allows you to compare files stored on the original device and on the destination device, the one that hosts the backup copies.
  • It offers a very intuitive interface, which includes wizards that make work easier.

very easy to use

It is an easy to use application. Thus, on the home screen, it shows recently started synchronizations and backups, allows you to organize your jobs in groups, and you can start the wizard to create a new job.

It is also possible to create a new synchronization or backup with ease. And we cannot disdain the possibility of dragging and dropping different folders from an explorer window.

To consider

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it:

« PureSync makes backups easy . When syncing and backing up, you have a variety of ways you can initiate these actions, and it does so automatically, without a single click. PureSync Backup Jobs .”


To get the application you have to access PureSync . There has recently been an update to it.