Background Generator, to create original images in Windows

The ability to create original images in Windows is appreciated. It happens on more than one occasion. We need to create an image that serves to accompany the document that we are preparing, or for other uses. With Background Generator we will be able to do everything we want related to the creation of images.

This is a free to use tool for creating original images used in a large number of uses. With it, it is possible to create wallpapers for computers and mobile devices, illustrations to insert into blog articles and websites, images to be used for commercial purposes, all kinds of posters, and much more.

Example background image creation

To create a background image you have to do the following:

  • Select the image size : It is possible to select the size using the list offered or setting it in a custom way.
  • Select a type of color : By default a color is shown but it is possible to set a custom color as well.
  • Establish the characteristics of the shape : Depending on what we are creating, we can indicate a certain shape, the number of elements and the maximum size.
  • Generate the background image : The program will take care of creating a new background image on the chosen canvas. If the results are not satisfactory, the cleanup tool can be used to activate the changes.
  • Save the background image : The image can be saved in two possible formats: JPG or PNG. It is also possible to create an image with transparency. If this is done, it is mandatory to save the results in PNG format.
  • Supports adding text : By clicking on the Add Text button it is possible to add text from the side.

How Background Generator works

The images created are highly original. To do this, it uses an algorithm that uses random operations that include seven different styles. Each of the images created is 100% original.

The tool, in addition to everything indicated, also allows you to customize the size of each image. It is capable of producing high-resolution images, reaching limits higher than 4K.

Background Generator , being a tool that can be used in the web browser, can be used on any computer where the Microsoft operating system is installed. So it works smoothly on Windows computers. You just have to download the application and install it on your computer.

In addition to the standard JPEG/JPG image format, this program allows designers to generate transparent PNG images. With the “Add Text” feature, they will be able to add some text to the image and apply many text-related effects.

Background Generator Features

Among the features that accompany Background Generator are the following:

  • Generation of 100% unique images.
  • 7 different models.
  • More than 100 icons.
  • Output in large resolutions.
  • Text effects.
  • Create transparent images.
  • Create creative banners, logos and more designs.
  • Totally free, without limits. It has no cost.
  • There is also a portable version of it.
  • Multi-language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.


To use the indicated tool you have to access Background Generator . It supports several languages, among which Spanish is included.