Batch AI Photo Sharpener, to sharpen and enhance photos

We have just taken a photo or downloaded it from the Internet, and we see that it needs some retouching. Although there are some applications designed for this purpose , the ideal is to use Batch AI Photo Sharpener , an application for Windows that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve its purposes. With this we will get what we want without any complications.

With Batch AI Photo Sharpener it is possible to sharpen and improve several photos at the same time using, as we have already indicated, an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. It is capable of removing noise and blur, converting low to high quality images with ease.

Features of Batch AI Photo Sharpener

Among the features offered by Batch AI Photo Sharpener are the following:

  • It supports sharpening of unclear images and the option to remove noise from photos.
  • All the work is based on  AI deep learning algorithms .
  • Sharpens images smoothly,  without overexposing .
  • Supports PNG and JPG formats.
  • It is capable of performing enhancement of multiple images at the same time. You only have to indicate the ones that are included in the process.
  • It works totally without internet connection.
  • It supports several languages, among which Spanish is included.

To consider

The makers of this app tell us the following about it: « Batch AI Photo Sharpener  is a Windows desktop photo enhancement software program that allows users to sharpen and enhance photos and images in bulk offline using the algorithm of AI (artificial intelligence) deep learning. You can also reduce noise and blur from low-quality JPG and PNG images and convert them to high-quality images easily .”

Its use is very simple. You only have to add the photo or photos that you want to optimize in the program interface and, after indicating the type of process to carry out, indicate the output format and the AI ​​algorithm to use. In a short period of time we will obtain the results.

The application is only 72 MB. It runs smoothly on computers running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 (32/64). This is a free licensed application. It works with NVDIA, AMD and Intel GPU graphics cards, as long as they are up to date.


To get this app you need to access Batch AI Photo Sharpener . You just have to click on the corresponding link, install it on your computer and proceed to use it.