Beat insomnia with Relax Melodies

It is an application that by itself defines its raison d’être: Relax Melodies . Although it may not have much to do with the application that I am going to present to you, there is a popular saying that music tames beasts .

What is clear is that music serves as a means of relaxation, listening to music we can allow our mind to get lost in infinite spaces, to discover places that resemble dream paradises, that fantasy merges with our body and with our spirit. .

music to relax

Relax Melodies is an application for mobile devices, iOS and Android, aimed at providing everything that we have pointed out in the previous paragraph. It is a very attractive application, easy to use, which includes, in its free version, a large number of relaxing sounds and music.

Designed for people who have difficulties falling asleep, it is also valid for all those who want to spend the night with sweet dreams.

To consider

They tell us clearly on the web page dedicated to the application: « Say goodbye to insomnia. Experience sleep like never before. Thanks to Relax Melodies , more than 50 million users benefit from deep, uninterrupted sleep every night. Combining over 400 relaxation sounds, melodies, binaural beats, and white noise, Relax Melodies lets you create your own relaxing soundscapes. Play them all night or for a set period of time, thanks to their built-in timer .”

Features of Relax Melodies

Begin by creating a mix of sounds that you like, and prepare to sink into a state of relaxation or deep sleep. When you wake up you will discover that you are rested, ready to assume all your responsibilities.

You don’t have to wait for the night to put Relax Melodies back into action, any time is good, especially when tension invades your body. Are you walking or running across the field? You can also use it to accompany you on the route.

Versions for devices and computers

You can download the appropriate version for your device on Google Play  or  the App Store . You have a free version and a complete pack of  apps that you can buy separately.


To get any of the versions you have to access Relax Melodies and click on the appropriate link to download it. Music will change your mood.

You can also access the App Store to download the app for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, or iMessage, and Google Play to download to an Android device. Supported languages ​​include Spanish. This is a free app that offers in-app purchases.