Best Alternatives to Task Manager for Windows 10

Windows comes standard with some quality tools that allow us to monitor the status of our PC . One without a doubt is the Task Manager, a tool that provides valuable information about the processes that run on our computer. However, it is possible that this tool (despite being very complete) falls short. But don’t worry, today at MrAppsGeek we bring you the different alternatives to the Task Manager in Windows 10 .

What Is The Task Manager And What Is It For ?

It is an application integrated into the Microsoft operating system that provides us with very valuable system information such as:

  • Information of different processes.
  • CPU performance.
  • Available memory.
  • Hard drive usage.
  • WiFi performance.
  • GPU performance.

Thanks to this tool we will be able to know a lot of relevant information about our PC and monitor all the processes running on our computer.

How to Access Task Manager in Windows 10

To enter the Task Manager in Windows we only have to use the following quick keyboard shortcut :

  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc

A blue window will appear with several options, of all of them we must choose the one that says “Task Manager” . And in this way we can enter this tool easily and quickly .

It is possible that this application “knows little” for you, so now I will present you the best alternatives .

Best Alternatives To Windows 10 Task Manager

Below I will introduce you some alternatives to task manager for Win 10 free .

system explorer

System Explores is a tool that allows the management of the internal components of the operating system.

System Explorer Features

  • Detailed information on tasks, processes and drivers.
  • You will be able to monitor processes of different system applications.
  • Possibility of monitoring system resources through graphs.

Download System Explorer Free.

You can download one of the best Windows Task Manager alternatives for free directly from the link below .

Process Explorer

Process Explorer is one of the best options to Win 10 Task Manager as it includes the following features.

Process Explorer Features

  • Being able to see which DLL files are running .
  • We will be able to see the processes of the programs that are running on our PC.

Download Process Explorer Free

Download the best alternative to Windows 10 Task Manager directly from the link below .

Task Manager Deluxe

Task Manager Deluxe is a lightweight tool that will allow you to monitor the different processes that run on your Windows computer. Some of its features are the following:

Task Manager Deluxe Features

  • See the processes.
  • Monitor installed drivers.
  • View available network adapters.
  • View CPU usage, frequency and memory map.

Download Task Manager Deluxe Free

Download one of the best options to Win 10 task manager for free from the following link .


DTaskManager is postulated as a great option to the Windows 10 task manager since it presents some interesting features as we will see below.

DTaskManager Features

  • We can suspend and reactivate processes .
  • View more than one process at a time .
  • 3 different ways to close processes.

Download DTaskManager Free

You can download DTaskManager for free directly from its official website at the following link .

Do you know other free Windows 10 task manager alternatives that I haven’t mentioned? Leave me a comment so I can add them. Do not forget that your support is very important, which is why you have at your disposal the different buttons on social networks to share this content…