Best Movies To Watch On HALLOWEEN

There is less and less left for the thin membrane that separates the world from the living to break. I am talking about the night of the dead 2023 , a day in which the world of the dead and the world of the living merge into one. That is why, on October 31, 2023, I am sure you will see people dressed as the living dead on the street , so don’t be scared. However, if you are not very given to costume parties, you can always stay at home and be scared. That is why at MrAppsGeek today we bring you a list of the best movies to watch on Halloween 2023 .

Horror Movies To Watch On Halloween 2023

I’m sure you’ve seen some of these movies, others will sound familiar to you, and yet others… you’ve never heard of them in your life. Get ready to enjoy a real night of terror with this list of movies to watch on Halloween 2023 .

It – The Best Scary Movie To Watch On Halloween 2023

By now I think everyone knows Penny Wise “The Dancing Clown” a demon from another dimension brought directly from the sick mind of Stephen King to the town of Derry.


Every 27 years a series of unexplained deaths occur in the town of Derry, a group of young people discover a sinister man dressed as a clown who terrorizes the town’s children . They will soon discover that behind the clown’s mask hides a being much older than time itself .

The Warren File (Complete Saga)

One of the scary movies to watch on Halloween 2023  that should not be missing from this top is the complete Warren File saga . In which he puts us in the shoes of the Warren marriage, a couple that investigates events of a paranormal index which must come across all kinds of mysterious events, apparitions, ghosts and demons . The most disturbing thing is that this saga of scary movies to watch on Halloween night 2023  are based on true events .


The Warrens were a married couple that was dedicated to investigating paranormal events , all their disturbing adventures have been present in a series of movie sagas which are chronologically ordered as follows:

  • Anabelle Creation.
  • The Nun.
  • Annabelle.
  • Warren File “The Conjuring”.
  • La Llorona.
  • Warren File The Enfield Case.

From MrAppsGeek we recommend watching the entire saga in chronological order since they are movies to watch on Halloween with the family 2023  , ideal for such a terrifying night.

The Ring

The Ring was considered one of the best horror movies of the entire 2000s , which if you haven’t seen it yet I recommend it but don’t watch it alone since it’s one of those good horror movies to watch on Halloween 2023  That can cause you a real heart attack.


Rachel Keller is a reporter who must solve a series of murders that supposedly take place 7 days after seeing a mysterious tape with strange footage , the ending will be more terrifying than the urban legend itself.

Honestly one of the most terrifying movies to watch with teenagers on Halloween I’ve seen in my life.

Halloween Night

One of the 5 movies to watch on Halloween that you should not miss, since it is one of the most recognized American horror sagas of the entire genre. The plot is typical of any timeless horror movie that is appreciated, a murderer who appears on Halloween night and terrorizes the entire community of neighbors.


This horror movie for Halloween night belongs to the Slasher genre and puts us in the shoes of Laurie Strode , the older sister of Michael Myers , a psychopath confined to a psychiatric center when on Halloween night he ended the life of another of his sisters when He was only 6 years old. After 15 years, Michael escapes on Halloween to finish what he started years ago, delighting us with 11 beautiful installments of horror movies ideal to watch on Halloween 2023 .

The Exorcist ‍

It may have aged a little badly and you may not believe me when I tell you that The Exorcist is considered one of the scariest movies ever . All the scenes in this film, from the setting and the music, are characterized to make your hair stand on end.


A priest is called by a desperate mother to perform an exorcism on her 12-year-old daughter, Regan , and soon realizes that the situation is beyond him.

I hope you liked this list with the best movies to watch on Halloween , if you have one that you liked you can leave me a comment, so I can add it to the top. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, that allows me to make myself more known and you would help me reach more people.