Best Paid iPhone Apps

iPhone is a device with a wide range of applications for all tastes and styles. Some will give you amazing tools to expand the possibilities of your device, some will strive to accomplish things you can’t do with the default features.

However, paid apps offer more features than their free counterparts, and you should check out our list of the best paid iPhone apps before you decide to download any other apps – read on to learn more!

Find a selection of the best paid iPhone apps in this article, scroll down and enjoy our list of the best apps:


Special effects and lighting in photos are essential for users these days, but videos are also very relevant, and these are the most prominent features of KiraKira+, a versatile editing application.

That’s why KiraKira+ is designed to help you brighten and drastically improve the brightness of your images and videos with amazing filters and some other editing tools you’re sure to love.

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Security is a relevant point for users of these devices, so 1Password is a must-have app that you should download immediately. In particular, it is used to manage all the passwords you enter in other applications, Internet sites and special services.

Meanwhile, 1Password can create secure passwords by combining several characters and storing them in a secret vault that only you can access. It’s okay if you can’t remember the password, because the application will open everything when you need it.

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Enlight comes from the big family of computer editing programs, but this time it’s here to help you retouch photos like a pro. From lighting, brightness, contrast, saturation and effects, to the latest added filter.

Enlight, on the other hand, is a full-featured paid version designed with many additional tools. It supports gradient and pattern systems, can work between layers and many other functional features.

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Believe it or not, Lake is an app where you can draw fun pictures while you relax. This popular app is great for people of all ages, especially those with ADHD, and excellent for after a long day at work.

For Lake, users need to release tension and negative energy from the body, but the best way is to paint a beautiful picture with your favorite colors. This app is designed to give you more peace of mind and concentration.

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The best app for keeping your notes organized is Bear. The premium app is available for Mac and iOS, so buy it now to learn how to organize your life with tasks, special reminders with featured stickers and a variety of colors.

It is important to note that Bear allows you to differentiate all notes by a specific color. It is compatible with cloud storage services and other Apple platforms, and you can export your notes to the most popular and widely used text formats.

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An app that makes your iPhone experience the best it can be. Workflow will allow you to create shortcuts and control them directly with Siri, although that’s only part of its many capabilities, as it’s actually designed to multitask.

Even more, Workflow supports systems running on multiple devices at the same time, so the tasks that will be performed will be determined by your preferences, but also by your use of the devices. Currently, it is a free application.

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If you like strategy games and you are used to solving puzzles, you’d better forget about all that, because Blackbox is totally different. This fun game will make you think about how to solve the challenge of having to free the blocks.

This premium game will force you to use gravity, move your finger outside or inside the screen, rotate your phone in all angles and directions until you finally solve the final problem. Note that it will require a lot of practice, but that’s the fun part of this app.

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Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s popular game finally comes to iOS, only this time you have to keep running until you find all the coins in Mushroom Kingdom. Super Mario Run is a premium game that also includes several in-app purchases.

In turn, Super Mario Run will make you travel vertically through the most complex world of the Plumber universe in an effort to rescue the princess, grab as many coins as possible and solve extraordinary challenges.

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Kitchen Stories

Maybe your specialty is cooking and you want to learn how to cook the world’s most delicious dishes. So get your ingredients and download Kitchen Stories, one of the highest paid apps on the iPhone that contains a complete recipe book down to the smallest detail.

Everything from specific instructions, ingredient lists and tips from professional chefs, to illustrative photos, video tutorials and special offers you’ll find in your system, lets you discover how to cook like a pro.

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Things 3

Think twice before writing down all your tasks for the day. Things 3 is a productivity app that helps you have a more organized and planned day with a complete task management system that you can use to prioritize your to-dos.

You just need to delete all the tasks and steps in the traditional digital notebook. From there, you just give the priority that corresponds to each one, and you are ready to synchronize it with your Apple Watch. At the same time, it has a simple, minimalist and distraction-free interface for better results.

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Old Man’s Journey

It is a game like no other for the beauty of its story, incredible background scenery and soundtrack composed especially for the proposal. All of which have earned it multiple honors over the years.

In fact, Old Man’s Journey includes multiple challenges and games in which you must build your own incredible scenarios, solve the world’s strangest riddles and puzzles and follow the story to learn everything in detail.

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Severed is another great game that will keep you hooked from the start. Combining the power of action with combat and defense, the application stood out from other proposals by winning various awards and distinctions over the years.

This time, you’ll have to become a fighter with a special feature: she has only one arm. But it is enough to destroy everything in its path, and you’ll have to win at any cost while you discover the mysteries of this universe.

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Airmail 3

Perhaps you need a totally innovative email client and it’s time to try out Airmail 3. This application is not only available on iOS, but its desktop version combines the experiences of both platforms so you can buy the complete package.

Airmail 3, for its part, includes a smart sorting system by folders, where emails will be sorted according to the definition you give them and the preferences you choose. This is a great option for professional work.

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The universe is like sand, because there are countless planets, stars and moons, and although we see them, we cannot easily identify them…. Or can we? Skyview comes to you, using only your iPhone’s camera, what happens?

That’s it, Skyview has a powerful intelligent system that can determine the name of any celestial object simply by taking a photo with the built-in camera included with the app. It also provides you with detailed information and other information of interest to you.

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We all need sleep, but if you have trouble falling asleep or spend your day in the cloud, AutoSleep is an application that helps you synchronize your body with your mind to balance the amount of sleep you need each day, among many other tools.

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The original Forest feed will free you from your phone so you can concentrate on other things. This app offers you an orchard to grow trees on the condition that you be careful because if you leave the app and go into another one they will die.

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Ghosts and Goblins

Ghost and Goblins, revived from the 90’s, is a game published by CAPCOM for iOS that lets you recapture the old dynamic of the old classic arcade video games, but now with tons of awesome features and additional items available for purchase.

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Scanner Pro

Finally, it’s one of the most blockbuster iPhone apps that lets you scan your most important documents and convert them to PDF and other similar formats. With Scanner Pro, all you need is your phone’s camera and a few settings.

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