Best VPNs for Android

The debate on security and anonymity in the digital world is increasingly palpable. Some scandals such as the  Facebook data leak  and other cases have set off all the alarms. And no wonder. When we use applications, web pages, digital platforms, etc. We often provide personal information. And what we are looking for is that this is protected and not in view of companies that can profit from it. But how to achieve this security?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network , and it allows us to browse the Internet privately and securely. There are VPN applications to be able to navigate safely with our Smartphone. We will find them in the application stores, some are free and others are paid and for the different operating systems. You wonder: What is the  best Android VPN ? We present you some.

Best VPN apps for Android


An app based in Romania and has servers in more than 30 countries. It allows you to connect five devices simultaneously and is ideal for preserving the security and anonymity of the data of those who browse through this application. It is paid, it costs 2.75 euros, but for some it is the best VPN application for Android.

2. Tunnel Bear VPN

It is surely one of the most popular apps for Android users. It is surely because it is relatively easy to use, since it has a very simple interface. With eta VPN you can browse anonymously and safely. It can also be used with a tablet.

What does this application allow us? Well, as in most, it helps us to navigate completely anonymously, without our location being tracked. It is ideal to use this application when we connect through  a public WIFI network , because it is the way to protect our personal data against this network. It is free, although with a MB limitation when browsing. To extend the limitation you have to choose a payment plan.

3. SurfEasyVPN

Another of the applications that allows us to browse safely, anonymously and privately so that our data is not leaked to third parties. It is ideal for use on local networks, such as home Wi-Fi, or on open networks, such as public Wi-Fi. It is a more peculiar application, since it has a fully personalized customer service for users’ doubts and questions.

In this case, you can also choose between the free option, which has certain limitations, or a payment plan.

4. SpeedifyVPN

The advantage of this application is that we can carry out various Internet connections at the same time without affecting speed. This is why it is presented as the fastest VP for Android. That makes the connection always good. And just like the previous ones, they allow you to navigate safely and fully tested. It does not save or store any type of information, so your personal data will be fully protected.

It also has a free trial version, but to make better use of it you need to pay.