⚡ How To Tell If You Ve Been Blocked On Facebook

Facebook, an American company that provides online social networking services, has many features that allow you to successfully configure the privacy of each account. However, none of these tools allow you to check whether your social networking contacts have blocked you. So let’s take a look at How to find out if you have been blocked on Facebook.

Blocking these platforms is a very useful option to deter abusers or attackers. This way, they will not be able to access your profile, send you messages or call you. There are also tricks to detect if you have been blocked on Facebook and easily recognize that someone has decided not to be your “virtual friend”.

If the person does not appear in your contacts, it is a good sign that they are suspicious. In some cases, their account may have been deleted or even banned from Facebook. It is also possible that you go into their profile and see nothing about them, or that other contacts on the social network do and you don’t.

If you suspect that you haven’t seen any messages from your contacts lately and you really want to know how that “friend” is doing, here’s a list of the most important things to keep in mind if you are no longer friends on Facebook.

You can’t send a message instantly

When you go to the person’s chat room, you will see a notification asking you to type a message that says “You cannot reply to this message”. Basically, you can’t send them a message.

This can also happen if a person deactivates or deletes their FB account. So, this advice is not enough to know if you are blocked on a social network. So take your time.

Search for his profile and he won’t be there

As we said before, if you try to access their profile through your account and cannot find it, you will most likely be blocked. However, keep in mind that this can also happen if the person deletes or deactivates their account. So, to be on the safe side, it is best to follow the other tips and draw your own conclusions.

Not on your friends list

This is one of the most reliable ways to find out if you have been blocked. So go to your friends list and search for the username in question. If you search further and it doesn’t appear on the list, there are two possibilities: you don’t have it as a friend or you are permanently blocked.

You can’t wait to find out the last time you were in a chat room

The good thing about this social network is that unlike WhatsApp, you can configure it so that it does not show when you last connected to the chat. That is, it is shown here by default. So, if you’re looking at a chat with a user who you think has blocked you and you don’t see the time of the last chat, it’s possible that you’ve isolated yourself from the account.

Check another account to see if your profile has appeared

In this endless search, check if you are blocked by a user, preferably by viewing their profile through another account: a friend or family member. Then, if you discover that all their messages come exclusively from that account and not from yours, the user must have “blocked” you from their list of social networks.

Google their profile and you can usually find them

If you cannot access the person’s profile through another account you know, Google is a good option. Then, if their profile appears in a search engine, it is not from your account.

This method is considered the most reliable. After all, if you deactivate or delete your account, you’re not going anywhere.

The link does not appear in the profile name

There are two ways to find out if you have been blocked. The first way is to access a member’s comment or reply to one of their messages. The second is if the name next to the profile picture is not highlighted in blue as it usually is.

A blue highlight means that clicking it will take you to that person’s account. If there is no link, it is assumed that access to their profile is restricted. However, it is also possible that their account was recently deleted.

Another way to find it is to go to the records saved with that user. If his name appears in black instead of blue in your message history, he is most likely restricted. If you then try to access his profile, you will see the following sentence: “This page is not available. The link you clicked on may be broken or the page may have been deleted.”

You cannot post on their wall and see their activity

If you are partially blocked by a social network, you cannot post on their wall or see what they are doing when you visit their page. In this case, you won’t even see the “Add to friends” button.

But it is also possible that the user has configured their profile so that strangers cannot see their posts or send them friend requests.

How do I know if I am blocked in the Facebook Messenger application?

To find out, you must first understand the social network’s relationship with Messenger and the two ways you can block it within the app. Below, you’ll learn how to find out if you’ve been blocked on Messenger and if you’ve received additional blocks on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

While the social network and Facebook Messenger are two distinct and separate apps, one is deeply integrated with the other. So there are many functions that are completely connected.


For example, a user who wants to block you on Messenger can also block you on a social network. In fact, it is a problem that the messaging application itself asks other users when they want to do so. So you can be blocked on two levels and it is easy to know if you have done so on social networks and Messenger.


First, enter the name of the user you suspect is blocked (1) in the application browser. Then review the results and click on their profile (2) to schedule a meeting with that person.

If you have spoken to a user, you can see the full text of what they said. But to find out if you’ve been blocked, you need to look at the context of the chat. If you see the phrase “You cannot reply to this conversation because the person has blocked you”, it means that the user has blocked you.

Last details

Messenger does not protect your privacy like other apps such as WhatsApp, so it will clearly show you when someone blocks you. Blocking, on the other hand, can be done on Facebook and messenger apps.

To find out, try searching for the person on Messenger, but you won’t get their profile. Then, log in online, if you are blocked on a social network, you will not be able to access the user’s profile and a message will appear in the window stating that you are not available.


Facebook is one of the most widely used social networks in the world, by both young and old users. Facebook has many security settings, including the ability to block someone for user reasons.

With our suggestions for you, you can finally find out if someone been blocked on Facebook blocked you on Facebook. You don’t have to worry about blocked friends anymore, you can finally solve the confusion once and for all!