Bring your computer desktop to life with animated backgrounds

For more or less time the desktop of the computer is active. If we want it to attract the attention of all those who observe it, the ideal is to have an application like Live Wallpaper . With it installed in Windows we can activate a series of animated backgrounds designed to achieve what we want.

Lively Wallpaper is an open source desktop enhancement application that can transform the appearance of any computer by making it animated. It is a very simple personalization application that offers all users access to a limited library of pre-made animated content and a wide range of tools to create new animated backgrounds.

What can we get with Lively Wallpaper?

Lively Wallpaper takes care of the successful completion of the process of displaying the live and animated wallpaper. The PC hardware will not suffer any additional load. When any full screen application is started, such as video games or regular videos, the live wallpaper will be paused.

One of the most prominent features is its ability to allow users to create their own animated wallpapers. This is done with built-in support for importing video files, GIFs, web content, shaders, HTML code, emulator software, and even games, and turning them into a drop-down wallpaper that can be enjoyed passively or actively.

Depending on the knowledge and technical level of the user, this application can also be used for quick creation of animated background videos for large and complicated projects that are best suited for experienced programmers.

To consider

Lively Wallpaper takes full advantage of hardware-accelerated video codecs for media playback (Direct Show, LAV, K-Lite, and Kawaii Codecs), and can also accept video files in many popular formats and containers (such as MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV and WebM). Audio support is also present, but it will be active only when the app detects the user’s presence through recent desktop activity.

Users with some knowledge can set wallpaper playback rules, which will help them establish full control over the computer’s desktop surface based on running selected applications in the foreground.

The animated background may stop when Lively Wallpaper detects the presence of a productivity app. The program supports the implementation of animated wallpapers on several monitors at once, on a single selected screen and on more.


This is a free application that can be downloaded from Lively Wallpaper . It works smoothly on Windows 10 and 11.