Browse safely and avoid dangers online

Avoiding dangers online is paramount. At this time there are many of us who spend a large amount of time connected to the Internet. We not only visit social networks and use WhatsApp from our mobile phones, the leading instant messaging program, but we also use our computers to browse the web. Hence, we try to do it safely.

McAfee SiteAdvisor is a long-standing and highly regarded free software that scans websites for spyware, spam, viruses, or phishing. This way you will always know if you are running risks or not when visiting a certain page.

After downloading and installing SiteAdvisor, a bar will appear in your browser, at the top or bottom, depending on whether you use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge or another browser . This bar will show information about the site you visit, indicating whether or not it is safe.

Buttons in search engines

When using the most common search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Live Search, AOL and ASK) a button appears next to each result. A button that indicates the rating of the page to which it refers, to which you intend to access. The game of colors is the same as that of the browser bar.

Meaning of the buttons

If the button is green, it means that your system is not at risk, that you can read, fill in forms, download applications, or do anything else that is offered to you on the page you are visiting.

If the color is yellow, there are some minor security issues or annoyances. When the color is red, be careful, there are serious problems with that page and other pages on the site.

The dark gray color reveals that no site analysis has been performed. When, in the first case, the one with the green button, a McAfee Secure button appears , it means that the site is constantly monitored.

More information

If you click on any of the buttons that appear, in the browser bar or in the search results, a page will open that shows you a large amount of data about the site to which the page corresponds. You can also participate in the analysis by leaving a comment.

access and download

Don’t hesitate, download and install McAfee SiteAdvisor on your computer. Your Internet trips will be safer, you will prevent your system from being infected by unsuspecting intruders.

Go to McAfee SiteAdvisor and after enabling the download, the Windows application will be downloaded.