Browse the web anonymously and securely with Tor

It has been with us for some time now, and it is gaining more and more followers. If we want to protect our privacy and browse websites anonymously, it is best to turn to Tor , the browser that is presented as the most secure system so that there are no traces of your travels on the Internet.

The tool blocks all trackers, preventing trackers and ad systems from tracking where Tor users are browsing . Cookies , which store browsing data, are never saved, which means that a record of this information is never carried out . The same goes for the browsing history, it will never be recorded.

Anyone who tries to observe where a user navigates will not be able to find any information about it. This is highly interesting when you are using, for example, a public computer.

It will never be possible to identify a particular user, they are all the same, since browsing data is not recorded, it will never be possible to know who has been using the browser.

Tor uses multi-layer encryption. The network is made up of multiple servers that act as repeaters. This prevents a trace of the connections.


Among the features offered by this web browser are the following:

  • Offers online anonymity by hiding users’ IP addresses.
  • It does not allow online censorship, allowing users to access websites that are blocked.
  • It does not implement any element that deals with online tracking.
  • It does not show any type of information from browser users.
  • It is totally safe. Many experts in the field recommend this web browser.

The meaning of the proposal

Those responsible for this tool tell us the following about it: « Our mission is to promote human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open source privacy and anonymity technologies, supporting their availability and unrestricted use. and the furtherance of its scientific and popular understanding .”

To consider

If you are in a country where Tor is censored , you can use it without any problems. To do this, you must indicate in the initialization process that the browser is censored in the country where you are. It is very important that the system clock is perfectly adjusted so that there are no problems with the use of the browser.

Tor will never allow you to torrent , nor will it run files that require Quicktime or RealPlayer. It does not support the installation of extensions or plugins. Everything you need is included in the program.


To see information about this browser you have to access Tor . On the page we will find an access to download it. There are versions for Windows, Linux, and macOS, as well as for Android mobile devices.