Bypass Closing Apps On Samsung Galaxy

If you have a Samsung Galaxy and have updated to the latest version available , you may have noticed that from One UI 3.0 onwards, background applications sometimes close . This has the consequence that some notifications do not reach us correctly and believe me when I tell you that you are not alone since it happens to me too. That is why today in MrAppsGeek we will teach you how to avoid closing applications on Samsung Galaxy so that in this way you do not miss any notice or push notification.

Why Am I Not Getting Notifications On My Samsung Galaxy?

In the event that you have problems receiving application notifications on your Samsung Galaxy, you should know that this incident is linked to the operating system ‘s energy saving options . Basically, Samsung phones have a powerful energy manager that allows you to optimize the battery usage of each application , this leads to background apps sometimes closing and not sending us all the relevant information.

How to Avoid Closing Applications in the Background on Samsung Galaxy Step by Step 2023

To avoid closing applications in the background on Android with One UI 3.0 , the first thing we must do is enter “Settings” on the Smartphone .

Once inside “Settings” we must enter “Applications”.

On this screen we will have a list with all the apps that we have installed in our terminal. Well, in order not to close background applications in One UI 3.0 , we must choose any of them (in my case I have selected WhatsApp).

This screen is called “Application Information” in which we are offered a lot of valuable information about the app in question. Well, among all the options, the only one that interests us is “Battery” , we select it.

How To Stop Background Apps From Closing On Samsung Galaxy 2023

This section is called “Optimize Battery Use” and here are all the apps in which the system is responsible for managing energy to save battery . Well, once inside to avoid closing apps on our Samsung Galaxy we must do the following:

  1. Select “All” to see the list of all applications.
  2. We choose the application in which we want the system not to optimize energy .

And that’s it, in this way we will prevent the system from closing applications in the background on our Samsung Galaxy , so we can receive notifications from the app in which we have restricted the optimization of the battery.

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