Cached Data, What Are They And What Are They For?

Clearing the cache on Android used to be a “ritual” widely used in the past to keep our mobile phone stable, clean, and light . With the passage of time, this practice turned out to be not always so advisable , however, it is still quite useful in many cases for solving problems. That is why, today in The MrAppsGeek we will talk about cached data , so the next time you hear about this term it will not sound like “Chinese”.

What Is Cached Data And What Is It For In Android?

Cached data is used on a device temporarily to speed up the processes of a mobile phone . This is because since they are previously saved on your Android , it will not be necessary to download them again , so it will speed up all the processes on your Smartphone .

Ok, now you know what the mobile cache is and what it is used for, which leads us to the next question… what happens if I delete it?

What Happens If I Clear The Data Stored In The Cache?

The truth is that nothing will happen, we will only temporarily release the data stored in this type of memory . At the moment in which our Smartphone makes a call to the processes linked to this class of memory, once again they will be downloaded to our mobile device .

For example, we can delete the Thumbnails folder in which the thumbnails of our photographs are stored . In this way we will be able to eliminate the thumbnail copies of our photos without deleting the photos themselves, saving a lot of memory, this falls within the cache. The only drawback is that over time they will regenerate again, occupying the same space and spending extra energy because if we have many photos, the Smartphone could work in the background to regenerate them again, thus spending more battery .

Is It Advisable To Clear Data On Android?

It is recommended but not on a regular basis , I mean, if you usually do this process quite often, sooner or later our mobile will regenerate all these files, making our device slower and spending more battery . However, sometimes we can solve many problems derived from the malfunction of apps, just by deleting the cache . This is something we already saw in the following tutorials:

This is because some of these apps over time can cause problems with the cache data that is stored in them. That is why, on some occasions, knowing how to delete these temporary files will allow you to restore the proper functioning of these applications.

How to Clear Cache on Android 2023?

To delete these temporary files we must follow this route (It may vary from one device to another but they are always similar):

  • Settings>Storage>Cache data.

Once located, we will press it as in the photo.

Finally we will click on “Accept” and that’s it, you know what it means to clear cache and how to do it.

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