Can’t Open Folders With Double Click In Windows 10 Solution

The other day I realized that when clicking on any document, photo, folder or file, they would open instantly . Basically it’s like I can’t open folders with double click in Windows 10 so I set out to find a solution. And that is precisely the reason that has brought you to this MrAppsGeek article , because your mouse has disabled double-clicking on your PC and you want to know what is causing it and how to fix it.

Why Does My Mouse Automatically Double Click?

In most cases it happens because you have the option “One Click to Open ” activated in “Folder Options ” , in this way every time you click on any document you will only need one click for it to open and not two as usual being habitual. But do not worry as it has a very easy solution and below we will show you the necessary steps to fix this problem.

I Can’t Open Folders With Double Click In Windows 10 How Do I Fix It? 2023

If the mouse automatically double-clicks in Windows 10 it is easy to fix , you just have to follow the instructions in the following video.

However, if you need something more specific, below I will leave you the summarized steps with explanatory photos of the process to facilitate understanding.

How to Activate Double Click in Windows 10 Easy and Fast 2023

The first step would be to open the Windows 10 file explorer .

Once opened you just have to do the following:

  1. We select the “File” tab.
  2. We give the section called “Change Folder and Search Options” .

Once inside these settings we must go to the section called “Actions when Clicking on an Element” and select the following option:

  1. Double Click to Open (one click to select).
  2. Finally we click on “Apply” .

And with these simple steps the mouse will no longer open a folder with a single click .

If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Remember to share this tutorial with other people in order to help them and support this content… Thank you very much for everything!