Can’t Watch HBO Max with Data Solution

HBO Max is one of the platforms of the moment along with Disney Plus and Netflix . This is something that they have earned thanks to series of the magnitude of Game of Thrones, which was a social phenomenon in its day. This caused many mobile operators to offer more generous data rates so that users could enjoy all kinds of online series wherever they went from the comfort of their Smartphones . And this is precisely the problem that has brought you to this tutorial of MrAppsGeek . Why can’t you watch HBO Max with data and are you looking for a solution?Well, throughout this article we will teach you how to solve it.

Why am I getting a message saying there is no WiFi connection on HBO Max?

As a general rule, it is usually due to one of the following causes:

  • You have deactivated the use of data on your mobile.
  • You are blocked from using your mobile data connection in the HBO Max app.
  • You have problems with the mobile data connection.

Connect To A Wi-Fi Network

If you find it impossible to watch HBO Max content from your mobile , the first advice I give you is to try to access the platform from a WiFi network . In this way you will be able to assess if the service with this platform is still online or if it is presenting problems at the moment. If so, you can rule out that it is a problem with your connection .

Power cycle the router

Try turning off your router for 5 minutes and then turning it back on , this will restart your wireless network and you may be able to access HBO Max from your smartphone again.

How to Watch HBO Max With Mobile Data Step by Step 2023

In the event that when trying to watch HBO Max content on your mobile, a message appears that says the following:

There is no WiFi connection. You can only play videos via WiFi connection. To allow playback via mobile connection, change the settings.

This is because you have blocked the use of mobile data on HBO Max , to reactivate it we must click on “Go to Playback Settings” .

Then in the “Playback” section we deactivate the “Watch Only with WiFi” tab , in this way we can play HBO Max through our mobile data rate .

Disable “Watch Only with WiFi” HBO Max Step by Step 2023

Another way to remove the “View only with WiFi” tab would be directly entering our profile from the official app.

Then we enter the “Settings” icon, which is the gear wheel that is just above on the right.

Then we enter «Reproduction» .

And here we deactivate “Watch Only with WiFi” on HBO Max .

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