Capture PC screen with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

There are several applications to record the computer screen. Here we have already talked about a few . A PC screen recording program, with the ability to capture audio and video, is an excellent resource in various situations.

For example, a gamer can create a gameplay or record a game to study his movements and those of his opponents.

In addition, the capture of the PC screen also allows you to create video blogs, video tutorials, record video conferences and even record audio and video streaming . That’s what Aiseesoft Screen Recorder does , a tool capable of recording with high image and sound quality.

What is Screen Recorder for?

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a tool that allows any Windows user to easily record the PC screen. It is ideal for YouTubers and bloggers to create video tutorials, for users of streaming platforms , such as Netflix and Spotify, to save their favorite songs and videos on the PC, for students to store their classes (video classes), or for all kinds of professionals record a meeting held on Skype or TeamViewer.

What does Screen Recorder offer?

The program allows you to capture the entire screen or customize the recording area by delimiting it. With real-time HD encoding technology, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder provides the highest quality image and sound recording. In addition, it offers the option to select the audio source, allowing you to choose the system speakers, the microphone or both. As the audio is captured directly on the sound card, the user gets high quality, lossless.


Among the different options offered by the application we highlight the following:

  • Save any video and audio played on a Windows computer.
  • Capture videos through the webcam, thus allowing you to store chat sessions and videoconferences.
  • It allows to record the games of computer games, which will serve for a later analysis of the same.
  • It also records the PC screen, as well as the audio that is emitted through the microphone, which is ideal for creating video tutorials.
  • Allows you to preset the length of a recording in advance.


To get this application you have to access Aiseesoft ScreenRecorder . It is not a free program, but it is possible to download a trial version at no cost, so that if we consider it appropriate, proceed with the purchase. It works on the latest versions of Windows and among the languages ​​it supports is Spanish.