CCleaner Browser, a secure web browser

We are seeing it day by day. Using a secure web browser to travel the Internet is essential for several reasons. We must try to avoid by all means that they monitor us, among other actions. In addition to the leaks of our browsing data for commercial purposes, the worst are the actions of cybercriminals, focused on getting what does not belong to them.

CCleaner Browser is offered as a browser, made by the creators of CCleaner , fast, private and safe for Windows. It is a lightweight browser that does not consume a lot of memory. Those responsible for this application claim that it consumes 50% less memory than other browsers.

What does CCleaner Browser offer?

Being able to have a tool of this type serves to make our browsing through the network of networks highly satisfactory. Thus, for example, if we do not use some tabs that are activated, they will be suspended, which results in a memory gain in the use of RAM. And not only that, the use of the CPU is also reduced.

In the browser configuration section, you can activate and adjust the performance options indicated in the previous paragraph. In addition, in the case of its use on a laptop, the use of CCleaner Browser affects less battery consumption. Duration can be increased by up to 20%. To make the adjustment for it, you have to access the Performance Manager .

Recognition blocking

To mask the navigation fingerprint, we must do what the managers of the application tell us:

« Websites and ad networks are getting smarter. They no longer rely solely on cookies and IP address to identify you, but also use your unique browser settings to keep track of you. Recognition Blocking hides your browser information from sites to help protect your privacy and limit online tracking .”

Features of CCleaner Browser

Among the features to highlight in CCleaner Browser are the following:

  • Total privacy: Hides the digital footprint and eliminates the actions of trackers in order to protect the identity of each browser user.
  • Faster browsing : Prevents the loading of intrusive ads, which results in the display of pages in the browser at a high speed.
  • Total security : Includes total protection against the installation of malware on the computer. Thanks to this, it is possible to use personal data, including passwords, on shopping sites, bank accounts, and the like. Efficiently prevents phishing scams .
  • Force HTTPS encryption : If a web page does not use an SSL security certificate, the browser does not proceed to open it.


To get this application you have to access CCleaner Browser . It is an application that works without problems in the latest versions of Windows.