Change Screen Color when Receiving WhatsApp on Samsung

Do you have a Samsung mobile that does not have a notification led and would you like to have a light warning to find out about incoming WhatsApps ? Well, welcome to MrAppsGeek , throughout this simple tutorial we will teach you how to change the color of the screen when receiving WhatsApp on Samsung . In this way, with each new message, the screen will flash with a color that you have previously chosen.

What Is Samsung Screen Flash Notification And What Is It For?

It is an option available on many Samsung devices that allows the screen to flash a specific color for each incoming notification . In this way we can configure it so that it notifies us every time we receive a WhatsApp or an email, being a very effective solution if your mobile does not have a notification led .

How to make the screen of my Samsung change color when receiving a WhatsApp Step by Step 2023

The first step will be to access the “Settings” section of our Smartphone .

At the bottom of the phone settings we will have to enter “Accessibility” .

Once inside this section we will have to go to “Advanced Settings” .

Then we access “Flash Notification” .

How To Activate Screen Flash Notification When I Receive WhatsApp On My Samsung Galaxy 2023

Here we will have the opportunity to use the flashlight of our mobile as a notification led . However, our goal is to make our Samsung’s screen flash every time they send us a WhatsApp .

To achieve this effect we will have to activate the option “Flash Notification on Screen” and activate the “Selected Applications” box .

Here we will have to check the WhatsApp box .

  1. We will choose the color tab .
  2. In this way, the color palette will open and we will choose the green color (identifier of this messaging client).

What can I do if my Samsung mobile does not include this function?

Don’t have a Samsung mobile or don’t have this option? Don’t worry, there are also Android applications that allow us to activate the notification LED on any phone without root just follow this tutorial or the steps in this video.

There is also the possibility of using the flash of your mobile to receive WhatsApp by following these steps or the instructions in this video.

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