Change the WhatsApp Icon for a Snowman

Are you already counting the days until Christmas ? Would you like to personalize your Smartphone with Christmas decorations ? Well, The MrAppsGeek has already made a series of tutorials that can help you resolve this concern. And it is that, for example, we have shown you how to make a video of elves dancing with your face , how to chat with Santa Claus or even how to make a videoconference with the Three Wise Men . Today, however, we are going to teach you a trick with which you can change the WhatsApp icon for a snowman … are you going to miss it?

When is Christmas Eve 2023?

The night of December 24 , 2023 .

When is Christmas 2023?

On December 25 , 2023 . _

What do I need to put a snowman as WhatsApp icon?

We only need to meet 2 requirements:

  1. Install Nova Launcher app.
  2. Download an icon of a snowman for WhatsApp .

What is Nova Launcher and what does it consist of?

It is a free application that we can get on Android directly from its Play Store. The function of this app is to customize our device to the maximum, in this way we can put wallpapers, change the home screen, change the application drawer or replace the WhatsApp icon with a snowman , just as it is the case.

Download Nova Launcher For Free 2023

We can install this app from the Google Play Store through the following link .

Download An Icon Of A Snowman For WhatsApp 2023

Ok, we already have the Nova Launcher application installed , so all we have to do is download a snowman icon for WhatsApp . To do this we will only have to go to Google and follow these steps:

  1. We write “Snowman Icon” without quotes.
  2. We enter Google Images .

On the next screen we will see a list with a multitude of snow doll icons for WhatsApp , so we will only have to choose the one that interests us the most by following these instructions:

  1. We leave our finger clicking on the icon of the doll that we like the most.
  2. In the menu we click on “Save Image” .

How to Change the WhatsApp Icon for a Christmas Snowman Step by Step 2023

The first time we enter Nova Launcher we will have to choose it as the default application, so we will have to select the “Always” option .

In this way, the interface of our device will always be established by Nova Launcher (as long as we do not uninstall the application).

In the next step, what we have to do is create a WhatsApp shortcut in the Home of the device .

To do so, we will only have to keep our finger pressed on the WhatsApp icon , release it on the desktop and then leave our finger again by clicking on said icon to select the pencil icon .

Finally, we will have to select the WhatsApp icon again to change it to the snowman emoji that we downloaded in the previous step.

On this screen we will have 3 options:

  • Incorporated.
  • Applications.
  • Get more themes.

We select “Applications” .

On this screen we will have a list of all the default galleries of our device , we will choose the one that interests us the most.

In the next step we will only have to select the icon of the snowman that we downloaded the most from Google before.

  1. We adjust the edges.
  2. Finally we will click on “Done” .

On the next screen we can adjust the borders by selecting “Redesign” , once everything is to our liking we will click on “Done” .

And this would be the procedure to change the WhatsApp icon for a Snowman, which is ideal for customizing your mobile for Christmas 2023 .

To return to leave everything as at the beginning, we will only have to uninstall the Nova Launcher application on our device .

If you have any kind of question you can always ask it in comments. Do not forget that it would help me a lot if you share this article with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much for everything and Merry Christmas 2023! .