Change Windows 10 Theme Background Automatically

In MrAppsGeek we have already seen that there are themes that allow you to give a touch of originality to your Windows 10 PC , since they allow us to customize our computers with little effort. Today, however, we are going to go a step further and we are going to show you a trick to change the background of Windows 10 themes automatically . In this way, your wallpapers will change from time to time for others referring to the same theme.

Rotate Background Themes In Windows 10 Automatically

The first thing we should do is obviously change the theme in Windows 10 if you don’t know how to do it here I’ll leave you a step-by-step tutorial, apart from that I’ll leave you a video where I explain the process step by step.

What theme backgrounds can I install?

Well, on our website we have already made articles in which we have exposed some wallpapers and themes to install, such as:

Anyway, here is an article where I explain #como_descargar_tema_de_windows_10″=””>how to download more themes for Windows 10 .

Change Windows 10 Theme Background From Time to Time

Well you know how to get themes for Win 10 now I’m going to teach you how to change the background in automatic mode . The first thing we must do is press the following quick keyboard shortcut:

  • Windows + I.

This will take us to the “Windows Settings” panel , once inside we must click on the section that says “Personalization” .

Once inside “Settings” we must enter the “Themes” section and apply one of the themes that we have downloaded (it must have more than one image so that it rotates automatically), then we will click on “Background” .

Change Theme Wallpaper Automatically in Windows 10

Finally we must do the following:

  1. In «Background» we put «Presentation» .
  2. And we choose the time to change the background image of the theme .

And that’s it, in this way you can rotate the theme backgrounds in Windows 10 automatically . If you have any questions you can ask them in comments. Do not forget to share this post with the social network button, that will allow me to reach more people…