ChatGPT The AI ​​Chat That Answers All Your Questions

With each passing day, Artificial Intelligence continues to make its way, applying itself more and more in applications of our daily lives. From MrAppsGeek we have made some tutorials talking about the subject such as Simsimi chat , from apps to get old , become a woman or even Google uses it with its Lens application . Today, however, we are going to talk about ChatGPT , a very useful tool that allows us to chat with an AI that, as an “oracle”, can solve a multitude of concerns, with very surprising results.

What is ChatGPT and what is it for?

Created by the OpenAI company , ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence chat created by a technology called GPT-3 . This technology is responsible for combining more than 175 million parameters to offer very clear answers to a multitude of questions asked by the user.

ChatGPT allows you to learn over time and also has a sense of context , that is, you can ask all kinds of questions and you can relate them to each other to give us answers.

How to Create an Account in OpenAI Step by Step 2023

The first step will be to register on the official OpenAI website, which is the following:

Once inside we must register in “Sign Up” .

Here we can create an account in the following ways:

  1. Entering our email .
  2. And then we will click on “Continue” .
  3. Or we simply create an account with our Gmail or our Microsoft account.

We will receive a verification email to activate our account and then do the following:

  1. We put our nickname.
  2. Our second nickname.
  3. We will click on “Continue” .

Finally, to verify that we are a real natural person, we will have to enter our telephone number so that we receive a verification code , so we must do the following:

  1. We choose our country.
  2. We write our number.
  3. We click on “Send Code” (send code).

We enter the 6-digit number that came to our mobile in order to register in OpenAI and demonstrate that we are a real person.

How ChatGPT 2023 Works

Using ChatGPT is very easy since it is the same as chatting on IRC , all we have to do is the following:

  1. In the lower part we will have a box to write our queries, once written we press the Enter key (Enter) .
  2. Everything we write will appear at the top.
  3. ChatGPT will answer all our questions one by one.

What Things Can We Do With ChatGPT 2023?

The possibilities that ChatGPT offers us are almost infinite, for example we can ask it to tell us how to solve a problem:

  1. Here as an example, I have asked what should I do if WhatsApp stops .
  2. And below gives us a possible quite plausible solution.

We can also ask you about more transcendental questions such as: “What is the meaning of life” or similar.

However, the most disturbing thing is that it can create programs written in a programming language of our choice.

  1. In this case I have asked him to make me a program written in C for a calculator .
  2. And as you can see, he has written it to me in a matter of seconds, offering me the possibility of copying the code and pasting it into a compiler to run said program.

What do you think of ChatGPT? Do you think it can be useful? Leave me a comment, I’d love to read you! Do not forget that you can share this tutorial with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much for everything!