City Maps 2Go, offline maps on your mobile device

If you have a map, you can know in detail the place where you are or where you want to go. I still have in the trunk of the car, attached to the spare wheel, a book of those that served as a reference when we made a trip, with a large number of maps combined with information on hotels, restaurants, monuments and others. They served, and still serve if there is not something to replace them, so as not to lose you.

But everything has evolved. If you have an iPhone, an iPad or an Android mobile or tablet, you will no longer need the book of yore, with City Maps 2Go you will have everything you need on your mobile device. With this tool you will be able to follow, as was the case in the past, what is shown on the map, without needing to be connected to the Internet.

What does City Maps 2Go give you?

One of the best features that adorn this application is that, to have unlimited number of maps, you do not need to be connected to the Internet. You will be able to have more than 6,700 interactive maps from all over the world.

In addition to finding the path you should follow, you will also find a multitude of complete references on restaurants, shops, bars… The information is complete in all aspects, since there are a large number of articles, extracted from Wikipedia, with data on places and spaces. GPS will allow you to find your exact location and discover everything that is nearby and interesting.

What is City Maps 2Go for?

It is an ideal application for planning and organizing trips. With it, and using the included Wikipedia articles, you will have relevant information. So you can add preferred places to the map and mark them with a thumbtack. And not only that, you can create lists with these places, add notes and make comments with friends and acquaintances. Don’t know which hotel to choose on your trip? You will have a reference and scores for each one, taken from different services dedicated to displaying information about restaurants and hotels.

To consider

From the app you can download, for a small price and if you consider it necessary, the maps and Wikipedia guides you want. The application is free, including the indicated elements, the rest are added. Of course, if you want to remove advertising, you must make an in-  app purchase to do so.


To see what this application offers in any of its versions, you must access City Maps 2Go . To get it for iOS devices you have to access the App Store , and for Android devices to Google Play. Supported languages ​​include Spanish.