Clip2Comic, to transform photos and videos into cartoons

It is not the only application, for iPad and iPhone, designed to transform photos and videos into cartoons and sketches. We’ve already talked about ToonCamera , and it’s not the only one. Clip2Comic does its job perfectly.

It is an app that currently has more than a million and a half downloads. As we have indicated, it allows you to convert any photograph or video into original drawings, using a series of very intuitive options.

The results depend on the original, but the resolution and quality of the modified photos will never be lost. We can also create cartoon or comic-style videos using the camera with preview, or convert a video using a single button.

Features of Clip2Comic

Among the features offered by Clip2Comic , in its free version, the following stand out:

  • Transform all the videos and photos you want into drawings, posters or sketches.
  • Transform the world into an animated movie with the live preview cartoon camera.
  • Choose from over 8 cartoon, comic-style, or sketch filters.
  • Instantly apply all animated effects on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Crop your photos and adjust their brightness, saturation or contrast.
  • Export your drawing or sketch in high resolution and videos with up to 1080p (Full HD).

There is also a Premium version of this application with more features. Thus we find the following:

  • You will be able to eliminate unwanted strokes, trim them or increase their thickness.
  • It is possible to remove the original colors from your converted photos using just your finger or Apple Pencil.
  • You will be able to retouch portraits or create coloring images.
  • Use the warp tool and cartoonize your creations to create funny faces.
  • Polishing, warping or bloating parts of the image is now easier than ever.
  • Give your drawings a special touch with Clip2Comic ‘s color filters and poster styles .

You can also get a printed version of your creations and thus surprise your friends and acquaintances. You will only have to pay €1.99 to make your wish come true.

To consider

Those responsible for Clip2Comic tell us the following about this app : « Transform your photos and videos into cartoons, pop art or sketches. Use the best tools available on the App Store, create cartoons and become a superhero! «


To get this app you have to access the App Store and search for Clip2Comic , or download it directly from your mobile device. This is a free app that offers in-app purchases.