Collect information about system devices with CPU-Z

We have just bought a computer or we have had one for some time and we need to have complete information about its characteristics, to know details about any of the devices on the computer. With CPU-Z it is possible to obtain complete information about the CPU, the name and number, the core step by step, or the voltage, among other data.

But it doesn’t stop there, we will also have information about the RAM memory, the motherboard (Bios, Chipset…), the graphics card, the sound card and a lot of operating system data. The program supports most processors and chipsets. There is also a version of the program that shows complete information about any Android device.

Comprehensive CPU and system information with CPU-Z

Its version for Windows is considered one of the best diagnostic tools. The information is arranged in different tabs accessible from its interface. Thus, the Mainboard tab , which refers to the motherboard, shows the chipset used and the type of RAM installed, something that is very important to know when it comes to knowing what we have if we intend to expand the system.


All the information obtained can be saved in a plain text file or in an HTML document. It can also be uploaded to an online database for sharing. This is all it offers:

  • CPU: Name and number, data about the operation of the kernel and the processes it supports, installed package, core voltage, internal and external clocks, clock multiplier, supported instruction sets and cache information.
  • Motherboard: Manufacturer, model and revision, BIOS model and date, chipset and sensor, and graphical interface.
  • Memory: Frequency and latencies, as well as the module or modules that make it up. Use of SPD (Serial Presence Detect) in order to indicate the following: manufacturer, serial number and latency table.
  • System: Windows and DirectX version.

To consider

Support for the 10th generation Intel Core, codenamed Comet Lake, has been added in the latest version of CPU-Z , among other features. It also adds preliminary support for the new Centaur x86 CPU with the recently announced AI coprocessor.


CPU-Z is a free application that works on the latest versions of Windows, and also allows custom installations, selecting the appropriate package, including one for the now obsolete Windows 98, and other versions of the operating system that are still being used many users. It can be downloaded after accessing CPU-Z .