If you are here it is because you need to know how to convert an image into an icon and you don’t know how to do it. Well let me tell you that in MrAppsGeek you will find the answer to this question. After reading this tutorial, converting an image to an icon will be child’s play for you.

What is an icon and what is it for?

In computing, an icon is nothing more than a pictogram that is used to represent folders, files, storage units, programs… in their operating systems with a graphical interface.

That is why you may be interested in knowing how to convert a photo into an icon to identify a folder or a program, which is why today we will see how to transform an image into icons very easily .

How to turn an image into an icon online

After watching this tutorial, you will realize that you do not need to convert JPG files to ICO with Paint , because next I will show you an online tool that allows you to save an image as an icon without the need for programs and in a matter of seconds for free.

Transform Image In Icon Online

To pass an image to ICO , the first thing we must do is enter this web page .

To convert a JPG into an icon , we must first choose the image to transform , for this we will click on “Select Files” .

We can select an image in JPG or even convert PNG to ICO with this tool (as we will see later) . Once the photo is located, select it and click “Open” .

We will click on “Start Conversion”, in this way it will begin to automatically convert the photo to an icon .

Finally, you should only click on “Download ” to start downloading the image converted into an icon .

Convert Image Into ICO

To transform an image to .ICO we must repeat the above process, except that we must select the size in Pixels in “Optional Settings” , specifically 16×16 , as in the photo. Once this change is made, we will click on “Start Conversion” .

We download the photo converted to .ICO .

And that’s it, we already know how to convert an image into an icon and also transfer a photo to an .ICO easily and quickly .

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