Convert video from one format to another online

Being able to have a tool for converting video at all times is very important. With this we will achieve that any video can be played on the device we want, be it a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet.

I remember a few years ago, when the Internet was still in its infancy, occasionally someone would give me a video file, which they had recorded with their camera, and when I tried to play it on my computer, the screen would go black.

The problem was in the video format, which my computer was not able to play because it did not have the appropriate application or because it did not have the necessary codecs installed . Although on a smaller scale, the same thing is still happening today. Some videos cannot be viewed on a certain computer or mobile device. What can we do?

Install software or use an online application

There are some software applications that can be installed on the computer. There are some for Windows, macOS, and Linux, but the easiest thing to do is to resort to a tool that can be used online, which also offers all the necessary features.

Online video converter belongs to this group. Among the options it offers there are some very interesting ones. Thus, it allows you to upload the videos to be converted directly from your computer or from the cloud, from services such as Google Drive and  Dropbox . It also allows access to a video through a URL.

how it works

After Opening the file hosted in the indicated medium (if it is in the cloud, you must grant permissions to the tool to access the service), we must indicate the output format, selecting it from the list that they offer us.

It is also possible to extract the audio from a video, after indicating the appropriate format. In the case of videos we must indicate the resolution, and for audio the quality. Then click on the  Convert button . When the process is finished, we can download the file or store it on Google Drive or Dropbox .


Your options include the following:

  • Files of 4 GB maximum : The tool works, as we have already indicated, with most video formats. What must be respected is the maximum size of the supported files, which must not exceed 4 GB.
  • Work at high speed : The system uses powerful servers to do the work, so the processing speed is very high.
  • Support for the most popular codecs : There are no problems when processing a video as the system uses the most popular video codecs.
  • No limits on the number of files : We can upload the files we consider necessary. The only thing that must be respected is the size of each one, as we have indicated.
  • Works with more than 300 formats : The most widely used video formats are included in the list, so there will never be any problems when making conversions.
  • Free tool : This is a free tool, you don’t have to pay anything to carry out the video conversion.


It is an ideal free tool to convert that video that we have on our computer to a format supported by mobile devices. To use it, you must access the Online Video Converter . Now you just have to click on Open file , and follow the instructions.