CopyTrans Photo, to transfer photos from iPhone to PC

Today, mobile phones and also, although to a lesser extent, tablets , are the most used devices for taking photos. And not only that. We frequently receive images from friends and acquaintances through different apps , especially instant messaging ones, such as WhatsApp and the like.

At any time we are going to need to transfer photos from our iPhone to our computer, in order to free up space on the mobile, or also to store them in the folders that we have for this purpose on the PC.

There are some applications that allow you to carry out this process . High on the list is CopyTrans Photo , an application that can be installed on a Windows computer that allows for two-way transfers, from iPhone to PC and from PC to iPhone.

What does CopyTrans Photo offer?

This application is ideal for keeping backup copies of the photos we have on an iPhone, directly on our computer or on any storage unit connected to it.

And not only that. As we have already indicated, it is also possible to transfer the photos from the PC to the iPhone, in order to be able to show them whenever we want to other people.

CopyTrans Photo is also capable of managing the photos found on the mobile device directly from the computer. If we want to delete some of the photos stored on the iPhone, we can do it directly from the PC.

Features of CopyTrans Photo

The most outstanding features of this application are the following:

  • Copy photos from iPhone to PC.
  • Copy photos from PC to iPhone.
  • Make full backup copies of photos.
  • It supports the HEIC format. It also supports transformation to JPEG format during transfer.
  • It is compatible with Apple ProRAW.
  • Includes management of iPhone and iPad photo albums.
  • Supports previewing photos hosted on an iPhone on a PC.

To consider

If we examine the application we will see that the transfer process is very simple and intuitive. It is possible to use the classic drag and drop system. In addition, the Full Backup option is ideal for making a complete backup of the entire photo library on your mobile device.

The reverse process, as we have already indicated, is also possible. They can be transferred from the computer to the mobile device in the order that we mark. After completing the process you can delete the photos you want or reorder them.

As those responsible for this application tell us, these are some of its features:

Do you have a lot of photos on your iPad and it is difficult to find your way? With CopyTrans Photo you can create photo albums on your iPad or iPhone and organize the images. Choose your favorite photos and drag them into an album created with CopyTrans Photo . Sort photos in an album simply by dragging and dropping – it’s child’s play!

You can view your iPhone photos and videos directly on the big screen of PC without transferring them there. This means that comparing, deleting or saving similar recordings is very easy.


To get this application you have to access CopyTrans Photo . It is possible to try it for free and, if we are satisfied, proceed with your purchase. It runs smoothly on the latest versions of Windows. Among the languages ​​it includes is Spanish.