If you are a YouTuber and content creator, I am sure that on some occasion you have encountered the problem of finding a bank of free copyright-free videos with which to create your content . In the case of images , it is easier to find them without a license , the problem is downloading free stock videos for our projects. For this reason, today we are going to talk about covering an excellent bank of free royalty-free videos .

What Is A Video Bank Without Copyright?

Well, as you well know when uploading a video , YouTube was very sensitive when it comes to third-party content , since both the music and the video of it can be claimed . With these banks we will be able to download videos without a license , in this way we will not have problems with YouTube since we are uploading fragments of videos without copyright .

Coverr Download Videos Without International License

Coverr is one of those video stock pages with which we can get fragments to incorporate them into our work and not have problems with third-party content since they are free and without a license .

Stock Video Page

You can access Coverr from here .

How to Download Stock Videos from Coverr

Once we enter the web we can download stock videos in two ways.

with the seeker

In the search bar put the keyword of the stock videos to download for free .

By Theme

If we go further down we can see different themes , for example, if we want unlicensed videos related to technology , we will click on “tech” . Once inside we will have at our disposal several videos with their animation… To download them we must click on it .

Once inside we will see a button at the bottom left that says “Download FREE” click on it to download the video without a license .

I hope this free short video bank has been useful to you . If you use any other you could leave it written in comments and I will add it to create a complete list. Thanks for your interest and time, I hope you have a good day and don’t forget to share.