Create a free website from your mobile phone

Creating a website quickly is something that many people want. Milkshake is an application that allows you to create websites instantly. The creation process is very fast. You just have to select a design, enter the information you consider necessary, include links and that’s it.

The designs offered are minimalist. They are designed for people who do not need great benefits and want to have a space in which to show their concerns, with the possibility of sharing the articles on social networks.

What does Milkshake offer?

It is clear that Milkshake is not designed to create a company or personal website that offers remarkable content and great features. Its purposes are simpler. What this application does offer, after the creation of the web space, is statistics that show the number of visitors and the pages visited.

Milkshake , as we have already indicated, is ideal to be added, for example, to the personal profile of Facebook and Twitter and add more content. You just have to add a link to direct everything that has been created at any time. With this application it is possible to start or grow business ideas, and all kinds of projects.

Milkshake Features

Among the features that Milkshake offers , the following stand out:

  • Choose a card : Cards are the website pages that you create. Each type of card has unique characteristics for all the content you want to communicate, share or sell online. Visitors can navigate your cards by swiping between them just like an Instagram story.
  • Add Content – ​​Personalize each card with textual content, images, animated GIFs, YouTube videos, external blog links, podcast episodes, contact details, links and more.
  • Give it a special look : You can use the same design on all cards or use a different design on each one. Customize them with brand colors, a variety of fonts, logos, and images of your ads or products. All designs are beautiful, professional and mobile responsive.
  • Publish the card and add it to a biography : After creating the site you can make it known at no cost. Just add the link to your bio to spread the word about the card.

To consider

It is clear that this is an ideal application for many users. If you belong to that group, don’t hesitate, install it on your mobile and start using it. Remember that it is a free tool that offers in-app purchases to get more benefits.


To know the features of this application you have to access Milkshake . If you want to download the application for iPhone, go to the App Store . If you have an Android mobile phone, you can download it from Google Play .