Create a professional and quality logo

One of the first steps when opening a new business or creating a new website is to create a logo that can identify and convey who we are and what we do.

Logos act as the “face” of a business or a website , as the element that identifies it. They are a graphic display of what you stand for, and can be used as a way to promote a brand both online and offline. They are part of brochures of all kinds, the header of web pages, and various promotional elements.

One way to get a logo

It is clear that making a logo is not easy. One has to find a good talented designer who can express and represent the company, or the site, in the form of a logo. While it is not an easy task, surely a logo designer can be found with little effort. The real problem with this approach starts to become clear with the amount of money you have to invest in a logo, it clearly doesn’t come cheap.

free online services

To solve this problem, before hiring a graphic designer, you can try using online logo creation services. There are many tools that can help, and some are available online for free. They are an alternative for all those who are starting their own project.

What Logaster offers

In this list of services and tools to generate logos we highlight Logaster . This is one of the best sites that can be used to create a logo online. Logaster will provide you with a professional looking logo. Logaster also allows you to create blank business cards, favicons, envelopes, and forms.

Steps to create a logo

The process of creating a logo is very simple, it only requires four steps. These are:

  1. On the main page you have to click on « Create a logo » after indicating the name of your brand. A new page opens in which you see different solutions.
  2. You must select one of the items shown to preview and download the logo.
  3. Save and download the logo. Logaster supports the most popular image formats such as PNG, PDF, SVG, and of course JPEG. The download is done in PNG format.

To consider

If we want to enjoy all the features that Logaster offers , we must resort to a non-free plan. This is ideal for a company or brand. All those who are interested should analyze and select what best suits their needs.


To proceed with the design of a logo, you must access Logaster . After completing your work, you will verify that what you have obtained is in line with what you wanted. The logo to download, in the free version, is of low resolution, but it is useful for many cases.