Create a safe area for children on the mobile device

More and more minors are using a mobile device, a telephone or a tablet . Sometimes they do it in front of their parents, controlled by them, but this is not always the case, running enormous risks in some circumstances. Some parents, I saw it not long ago in an open topic on Facebook, defend that their children can use the mobile phone in class, in the primary school or ESO. I really don’t understand why. It is clear that these devices can add value to children and not so children in their learning process and in their entertainment, but it is also true that they must be protected. Kids Place is an app for Android devices that aims to act as a parental control system.

safe area for children

Its primary purpose is to create a safe area for children. The program blocks everything that is not valid for minors, allowing only the use of previously approved applications, on phones and  tablets . It does not allow children to accidentally download applications, nor does it offer the possibility for them to make phone calls, send text messages or carry out actions of similar characteristics, in order to prevent economic expense. They will only be able to use the applications intended for them, those that are installed on the device.

Other features

One of the features that Kids Place includes is the ability for parents to launch an app specifically designed for young children. On the fully customized home screen, only apps that parents have authorized are displayed. It also blocks incoming calls when the app is in action. It does not support WiFi networks either, disabling them when the control program is running.

To consider

The people in charge of Kids Place tell us the following about the app : « More than 3 million parents around the world trust Kids Place to make their children’s device safe and smart. Our parental control app suite offers screen time controls, safe browser, and kid-safe video player .”


It is a free application designed for young children, and even adolescents, to use the mobile device without risk. You only have to establish a few simple settings by the parents so that minors can use the device when the parents consider it appropriate. To get it you have to access Google Play directly from the device and search for  Kids Place . Less than a month ago the app has undergone an update. In-app purchases can be made. To know all the features of this application you have to access Kiddoware .