Create eBooks with Book Creator

Tablets are objects that, among their multiple functions, offer a few related to education and teaching . There are already many school-age children who have one of these devices.

It is clear that parents should not put an iPad or an Android tablet in the hands of their children , and let them do whatever they want with it. Although they are worth enjoying with various games, they are also ideal for learning by playing, and likewise to awaken interest in reading.

What does BookCreator offer?

Book Creator is an app , currently only for iPad that allows you to create electronic books. It supports the elaboration of illustrated children’s books, albums, manuals, cookbooks, art books, or textbooks, among other types.

It is an ideal application for creating and publishing. After creating a book it is possible to send it directly to friends or send it to the Apple iBooks store.

What is it for?

It can be used at home to create a book for the children who live with you. It can be personalized with photos, with family stories, or with other stories, which will serve as an incentive for your child or children to start or consolidate reading.

Also for the classroom

And not only that, Book Creator is an excellent tool for the classroom. The teacher can use the program to create attractive notes that will complement her explanations.

The books thus created will serve as reinforcement in the educational process. In addition, the system is valid for all levels, from preschool to high school. It is also possible to use it in adult education.


Among the features offered by Book Creator are the following:

  • It is possible to quickly add images from the Gallery or from Photos, take them from the web, or directly from the camera. They can then be moved and resized using just your fingers.
  • It supports text editing with the on-screen keyboard, as well as applying rich formatting so that the result is optimal.
  • You can establish a narrative from the books and bring them to life.
  • It is possible to record and import video.
  • Supports portrait, landscape, or square book sizes.
  • It is possible to draw on the book using the pen tool.
  • Allows the preview of the books built in reading mode.
  • Supports collaboration on book creation using import and export via Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Books can be sent to friends by email.


The platform allows you to create up to a total of 40 books for free. To do this, you must register on the support website: Book Creator .

If we want to install the app on an iPad, we must pay €3.49 and enjoy all its features. We can find it in the App Store .