Create Free BUSINESS Email Easy

Creating a business email is very important as it is a way to give credibility to your corporate project. In this tutorial of MrAppsGeek I will show you the necessary steps to create a free company email .

What is an email for companies and what is it for?

Email accounts for companies are nothing more than normal email except that it has the corporate name of the domain . In this way you provide veracity and credibility to your emails. For example, in our case corporate email would be the following: contact(at) .

Create Free Business Email Step by Step

Next I will leave you a video from Luis R.Silva’s channel where he shows us how to use this kind of services and how to configure the Google mail server for companies . You can subscribe to his Marketing channel from the following link (recommended).

Create Business Email

Here we will collect a summary of the necessary steps in the previous video. The first thing we must do is access our CPanel account . Once inside, we look for the “Email Accounts” section and click on this service, as in the photo.

To create free business email we must click on the tab that says “Create” as in the following photo:

In this section we can create a company email for this we must fill in the following sections:

  1. Username: We put the name we want in our mail.
  2. Password: We create a secure password or we can even generate our password automatically.
  3. Storage: We choose the storage that we want to use in our email account (250 Mb or unlimited).
  4. Create: Click here to create a professional email .

Testing Our Business Email

Ok, we already know that it is not necessary to buy a corporate email since with our same hosting account we can do it for free in Cpanel , now all that remains is to try it. For this we will give you in the “Email Accounts” section where it says “Check Mail” .

We will use a provider that offers Webmail to be able to access our corporate email tray .

And that’s it, we already know how to use a free business email .

And in this way we can create a free business email account . The only problem is that you still have problems using this business email in Gmail , then I will leave you the exact minute of the video where you configure the Google email server for businesses .

Gmail For Businesses How Is Our Corporate Email Configured?

In this minute of the video we will be able to know how to use our corporate email in Gmail for free.

If you like Marketing, I recommend that you subscribe to Luis R. Silva’s channel, he has many very interesting and very well explained tutorials .

If you have any questions about how to make a professional email for companies you can always leave your record in comments, I will try to answer. Don’t forget to share this article with your social networks, please, that would help me a lot to continue developing more works like this. Thank you very much!